Future Fires Back

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day it was reported that R&B singer Ciara had filed a $15 million defamation/slander lawsuit against her ex Future, and now he’s firing back through the media.

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  1. The fact that he’s not even sure he’s going to respond to the suit tells me all I need to know. He knows he doesn’t have a case and he’s guilty of slandering her. And her song didn’t even call him out by name like he did interviews and on Twitter. So that’s a weak response.

  2. LOL………..ok so I thought Future was just a no good cheating fool……but either the Sprite and Codeine done erased his brain cells or he’s always been really retarded if he actually thinks he is gonna win this battle against Cici with the lyrics to her song……yeah she was talking about his chump a$$ but its not slander when its proven to be true LMAO…..I see his suppose legal team is just tryna get paid whether he lose or LOSE!!!! lmao

    1. This is so true. I mean we will cry for like two weeks, watch sad movies and eat ice cream. Then after that, we hit up the club and meet someone new. That’s when they want to call us back and work it out. LOL.

  3. Ugh I can’t stand him. So I Bet can be compared to calling her a b*tch on Twitter and lying on her in interviews? I can’t. This dude is the epitome of a loser.

  4. Oh goodness. In other words, he knows he can’t beat her lawsuit. Until he files countersue papers, this is meaningless.

    1. No he doesn’t know cause he is a retard tryna punish her for going aginst him, his legal team knows…..but what is there to “consider”??? LOL

  5. No shade to Ciara because I like her but Ciara didn’t even write I Bet. She rarely writes her own songs. But Future wrote those tweets himself and lied on her himself in those interviews. Using I Bet won’t save him from this lawsuit. The judge is going to laugh at this excuse.

  6. Very weak defense. I’m starting to think he has idiots for lawyers. No decent attorney could look this man in the eyes and tell him he has a case.

  7. I might be wrong but I don’t think Ciara ever mentions his name on that song. Everyone, including myself, assumed it was about him and I do not think we were wrong lol but she never mentions him. Unlike his bitter behind. Soon as he saw a stand up guy around his son that’s when he got in his feelings. Bye Future

  8. I don’t know how true it is but somebody said on twitter that Future said in past interviews that “I Bet” wasn’t about him so that’s straight out of his mouth he is so stupid.

  9. These 2 clowns are at it again. The idiots don’t know how to keep their personal business private. They both want to gain attention from it. idiots

  10. Who did he hire as his attorney? Better yet, does he even have an attorney or is he making one of his baby mamas represent him in court?

  11. About time Ciara doing something about this cruelty toward her. He mad because he have been exposed. He been running around this world tricking women fooling them into believing he is a man. He thought he was going to get Ciara money. He have nothing and he is not nothing. Don’t you all see how dirty and un-kept this trash (future) is. This situation is going to make Ciara stronger and much much more of a grown strong tall beautiful WOMAN! I’M PROUD OF YOU FOR TAKING UP FOR YOURSELF!

  12. Ciara Net Worth 17 – 20 million

    Future Net Worth 0 – 0 Dollar
    Future Child Support 1 – 4 million owed to baby mamas

    Go sit down trashy boy wearing that dirty rummage store hat and dirty hair

  13. Future don’t have 15.000 dollars a month to give to his self. So you know he doesn’t have no money to pay Ciara child support. That tramp boy is a disgrace

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