Watch: Devon Franklin Gets One of Meagan Good’s Critics Together

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson

Actress Meagan Good is happily married to film executive and Evangelical pastor DeVon Franklin, and she gets criticism from fellow Christians because they feel her choice in Fashion just doesn’t match up with her Christian beliefs.

Meagan refuses to change how she dresses to please her critics and when a woman tried to check her on it in front of DeVon, he wasn’t having it.

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  1. The audacity of that “Christian” talking to another grown woman like she’s a child. I’m sure her real issue with Meagan is she’s jealous she was able to get a man like Devon to marry her. It’s always the bitter and lonely ones who have the most to say about what other people are doing.

  2. People are so damn disrespectful nowadays but Devon got her a-s together and shut her down quickly. He did what any real man would do took up for his wife.

  3. Wow. Some people are so rude. And what’s so wrong with how Meagan dresses? She shows some cleavage but it’s not that serious for people to be so offended. Sometimes I just think it’s just about them finding the one thing they can criticize her about. Miserable souls.

  4. I would have told that bish to get a damn life. If she was in a happy and loving marriage like Maegan, she wouldn’t care what anyone else was wearing. Sadly, a lot of churches are full of negative, nasty and nosy people like her. They drive the happy people away and that’s why church is so unappealing to people now.

  5. Im glad he got that a$$ together. And if you catch most of these “Christian’s” on vacation, they don’t be having on no Christian attire either. But that’s none of our business though.

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