Sheree Whitfield Calls out Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Fans are divided on how they feel when it comes to Kenya Moore feuding with Kim Fields over her husband Chris’ s*xuality, but it’s pretty clear where Sheree Whitfield stands on the subject.

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    1. Facts? Sheree is just stirring the pot. She only told Kim to be messy and try to get her peach back because viewers were forgetting she was even back on the show.

    1. Out of line? What about Poorsha, Fraudra and Nene for gossiping about Chris as well and throwing shade? It’s funny how Kenya is being singled out like she was the only one who said anything.

  1. I agree with her. Kenya really has no problems going too far with people but plays victim when the tables are turned. I hope Kim confronts her at the reunion and doesn’t back down.

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