Writer Calls out Tyrese, Rev. Run & Steve Harvey for Giving Out Bad Relationship Advice

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Steve Harvey stumbled upon a goldmine when he wrote his bestseller “Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man,” and it led to multiple films, a daytime talk show, and other high paying gigs for the comedian.

So it’s no surprise Rev. Run and Tyrese also want a piece of the action.

However, with their new show, “It’s Not You, It’s Men” attracting lots of backlash, some folks are starting to question how they are qualified to give relationship advice to women.

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  1. Aren’t a lot of men s-xist? That’s why we shouldn’t go to any of them for relationship advice, unless they can prove they aren’t.

  2. I don’t take any of them seriously. One has been divorced like three times, the other one assaulted his pregnant ex wife, and the other one was a rapper who entertained groupies so much back in the day and was accused of r-pe. So yeah, they have no advice to give me or any woman. LOL.

  3. She told no lie about those annoying a-s hoteps. I can’t stand them. Instead of getting off their a-ses and being productive, they sit on the computer all day and make up memes to degrade black women all day.

  4. Well said. A relationship is maintained by two people, not just the woman. If more men understood that, there wouldn’t even be a market for Steve, Tyrese, and Run to spread the ignorance they spread. We have to stop acting like men don’t have any personal responsibility.

  5. A lot of the problem is a lot of women are misogynistic themselves, so they don’t see a problem with the anti-women/it’s a woman’s responsibility to make a relationship work rhetoric they keep talking.

    1. Totally agree! Many women continue to perpetuate this belief that men are ALWAYS right and should not be held accountable for their behavior.

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