Tina Campbell Makes a Shocking Revelation

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Mary Mary” star Tina Campbell’s marriage went through a very rough patch, but she credits getting through her husband’s infidelity as a source of her newfound strength.

But in a recent interview, she opens up about the dark time once again, and makes a very shocking revelation.

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  1. Umm what in the world? I hope this woman is getting therapy and isn’t thinking she’s good now because she made up with her husband. Anyone who ponders killing themselves and their children needs a lot of therapy to make sure those thoughts don’t come back up later in life.

  2. This is some wild sh-t. I agree with Wiggy, she has to make sure she’s getting help because mental illness can come back at any time. Life may be better now, but things can change real fast and she needs to be able to deal with that without hurting herself and her kids. Real sh-t.

  3. Depression ain’t no joke. It’s taking out a lot of black women. I’m thankful she is in a much better place. This could have been a tragedy.

  4. I knew she was crazy but this is very disturbing. What if her husband cheats on her again which isn’t impossible she might take herself and those kids out. She needs to get herself some help and fast. Her self worth is extremely wrapped into her husband she needs to take her own advice and lean on the word of God.

  5. I’m sorry but I’ve never liked her. She just comes off so selfish most of the time that I’m not even really surprised by this. Too much of her worth is wrapped up in her husband,and their relationship.

  6. I’m not trying to lack sympathy but let’s think about this one a little deeper. She was going to kill herself and her kids because her husband cheated and the marriage got rocky? So what will she do when the marriage is tested again? Go through with her suicidal plans? No woman should attach their self esteem to their marriage or any relationship. It’s ridiculous. Anyway, I hope she stays on the right path.

    1. Thank you peach for saying this; no woman should attach their self-esteem to their marriage or any relationship. Too many of us do.

      1. I agree with you; she is too prideful in my opinion. Acting this way is a sign of low self-esteem, but a man can make you feel this way when he cheats on you or mistreats you. But refer to Peachy’s comment.

  7. I don’t know how I would feel reading this if I was her child. I know they are young but geeeeez I would be terrified anytime she snapped

  8. I’m late but like some1 had mentioned she sounds really selfish…..just because ur depressed and going thru something wit ur husband that means kill urself and ur kids???? Why must they be taken out cause UR life is in shambles……she definitely needs help if she thinks life w/o her husband is unlivable what if he dies then??? She doesn’t seem like she has no will and fight for her self…..and she only wants to kill the children to make the husband suffer what a Bish

  9. When you going thru some real life ish, you’ll be surprised at the thoughts you think. I don’t think she’s mentally ill at all, she was hurt and broken and when you feeling hopeless and broken that’s when the devil whispers all kinda evil to you, I know because I’ve been there so I completely understand what she’s saying and I am by no means mentally ill. But you have to know the Voice of God to fight the voice of the devil in those situations or you will do something just like she’s describing. Life is hard and sh*t gets real and everybody don’t know how to cope but I’m glad she was able to discern the higher voice. We’ve all at some point in our lives encountered men who turned out to be a totally different person from what we thought. Our business is only discussed among a few, hers was played out in front of millions so of course it was shameful and embarrassing. I empathize with her and pass no judgement on this one.

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