Naturi Naughton Talks Her Beef with Tasha St. Patrick

According to Naturi Naughton, she just feels like Tasha’s main problem is she doesn’t put herself first and instead focuses too much on her marriage to Ghost.

Here’s an excerpt from her interview with the Huffington Post:

Naturi’s character in hit series, Power, Tasha, allows Naturi to nurture the creativity she values. The 6.9M multi-platform viewers per episode watch Tasha endure more than many would be willing to take on in a relationship. Naturi, herself laughs that she wishes she could give Tasha some advice when it comes to her life and relationships. “Tasha is a ride or die. She definitely fights for her man and her family.” Naturi admires and respects those traits. “But I wish I could tell her, ‘Girl, you have to focus on you!'”

…She thinks the most important thing for a young girl to do is “to maintain a sense of self.” She wants to tell young girls, “You are valuable, not just through your body, but also through your mind.” I sit backstage during a taping of season 3 episode and I want to tell Tasha that too.

Naturi comments on the upcoming season, “We will finally see Tasha start to be vulnerable. She is a woman, she’s human and she’s taken a lot of stuff (while waiting for Ghost) to get his act together. She has to figure out her own life.” Naturi happily accepts that she herself loves love and is also a ride-or-die, but she thinks women and girls of all ages should always prioritize loving themselves. Unlike Tasha, Naturi is firm on that point. “Never put a man, or anything, so far ahead of yourself that you lose yourself.”


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  1. Love her advice! So sick of the brainwashing being done to our young girls with this ride or die bs.

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