Bow Wow’s Friend Calls out Keyshia Cole

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Keyshia Cole and actor/rapper Bow Wow have denied there is anything romantic going down between them, but someone may be putting them on blast.

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  1. Embarrassing. Keyshia better learn to love herself. These boys are out here making her look stupid.

  2. She needs to sit down somewhere and just take a break from “men” altogether because she doesn’t know how to spot a real one.

  3. This bird is mental. When Bow Wow got your a-s out here looking pathetic, you really f-cked up.

  4. I gave up on Keyshia a long time ago because of this very reason. She puts more energy into fighting over men who are losers, than making good music again.

    1. Because Bow Wow’s friend Wackstar @ Keyshia on his Instagram post about it. It was Keyshia. It’s in the article. Say what you want about Erica, but you won’t catch her doing thirsty sh-t like this. Keyshia has already been arrested in the last several months for fighting another woman she thought wanted Birdman.

  5. What in the what?????? Who the fck told her to go mess with Bow Wow anyway???? Now she out here looking thirsty making him think he is more important than what he is SMDH……..Keyshia smoking on Keisha

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