Porsha Williams’ Friend Drags Kim Fields’ Husband

While Porsha Williams and Kim Fields seem to have a neutral standing with one another, apparently Kim’s husband Chris had some not so nice words for Porsha recently, and her friend reportedly had no problem clapping back on Instagram.

According to the lengthy clap back he posted, Chris referred to Porsha as a “THOT.”

To avenge his close friend, a lot of harsh words were written and Chris’ s*xuality was once again targeted.

Check out the screenshot below via Fameolous:

kim fields husband dragged by porsha friend


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  1. Porsha and her hood rat friends need to leave this man alone. He has a right to respond when they keep calling him gay. And he would have never called Porsha a thot if she was gossiping about his s-xuality. So whatever.

    1. This man is responsible for his own actions. As hood rat as y’all swear Porsha is, you can’t find her on Instagram arguing and throwing shade all day. Does Chris even work? He always has a lot of time on his hands.

      1. Well she doesn’t have to argue and drag people on Instagram because she has hood rats like this man to do her dirty work. How many fights has Porsha had since getting her peach? 4? 5? *giggles*

    2. I kind of disagree with you on this. Chris screams up and down that he’s not a gay man, but he sure does like reading women like one. No real heteros-xual man would go at women the way he does. So I have no problem with another man setting him straight.

    1. Yes on about every episode. Someone wants to be relevant. Smh I find it sad that they’re going so hard to shame & disrespect this family.

  2. Well that was a read. So were they really fired? Bravo usually doesn’t make those decisions until after the reunion airs.

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