Cynthia Bailey Says Porsha Williams is the Root of All RHOA Violence

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Cynthia Bailey is speaking out about the eighth season of the hit reality show, and now that the season has pretty much wrapped up, she’s ready to start pointing fingers in her interviews.

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  1. Actually, Kenya is too. Things ain’t get ratchet until Porsha and Kenya came along. I mean Kenya even tried Kim Fields out of all people. Both of them have ruined the quality of the show and can be linked to the altercations.

  2. I see she conveniently left out her fake bestie. Yes Porsha fights too much but Kenya ain’t much better the way she keeps poking at people and stirring the pot.

  3. Cynthia really tried it. I guess she’s going to leave out the fact that she was drunk when she got into it with Porsha and she’s the one who got physical first. Porsha was calm and couldn’t understand why Cynthia blew up on her. She violated Porsha’s personal space first by calling Porsha out her name and sticking her fingers all in Porsha’s face. And that’s when Porsha got up and “straddled” her. Cynthia knew she intensified the situation so she apologized to Porsha but now it’s all Porsha’s fault. Cynthia has to be the biggest phony on the show I swear.

    1. Exactly. Cynthia just can’t be trusted. She’s basically turned on everyone she was cool with. Kandi, Phaedra, Porsha, Nene and Kenya. I wonder who she will turn on next..wait that’s the whole cast. Smh.

    2. This….she has selected memory and it’s very convenient now that Nene got into it wit Porsha for Porsha’s violent behavior but every1 on this damn show has shown some act of violence except Kim Fields ?????

  4. I wish Cynthia would shut her weak a-s up. Each week her stance on this sh-t changes. Porsha is ratchet as f-ck and she doesn’t play games like the rest of these b-tches. Kenya will tell you she will throw hands but her silly a-s ain’t gon do sh-t. But Porsha will whoop your a-s and she ain’t gonna sit there and talk sh-t all day. If it’s a problem they can always give her walking papers. But they haven’t so ain’t no need to keep pointing out the obvious. If they ain’t bout that action their best bet is to stop f-cking with Porsha. She ain’t no punk.

  5. Kenya has never laid a finger on anyone. So I don’t know why Kenya is being brought up. Try again Porsha stans.

  6. Yawn. Bye Cynthia. You’re part of the problem. Everyone wants to call out Porsha but no one wants to admit their role in the messiness. No one has clean hands on RHOA.

  7. I wouldn’t say she’s the root of the violence. I think the root of the violence is creating an environment where grown women are pressured to be shady and start cat fights all the time. RHOA has always had cat fights since season one, but around the fifth season when Carlos King came on the scene, cat fights and throwing shade became the core of the show. So fights were going to come regardless because of the atmosphere Carlos created. That’s why they haven’t fired Porsha. They created the monster. The same can be said about Kenya too. They are both products of Carlos King.

  8. Once again it’s so easy to blame everything on Porsha. Yes Porsha around there whoopin a-s but everybody else ain’t innocent either. Kenya has violated people’s personal space several times and threatened to beat up a pregnant woman. Oh and Cynthia cursing somebody out in their face and kicking them she is the one that escalated the situation. Just because most of them on RHOA are all bark and no bite don’t make them any less guilty so Cynthia can miss me with this BS.

  9. why do a lot of American women dislike Kenya so much?
    Is it because she is beautiful with or without makeup, she has long hair
    not only is she a beauty..she is a dark skin beauty. yes she is not an angel, however, all the other women in the show are also not angels. Why the hate for her

    1. Please, the dislike for Kenya is international so stop with this “American women” bs! And if the criteria for a good woman comes down to the length of her hair and how she looks with her makeup on off is your criteria for us to like her I can totally see why you’re a fan.

      Kenya isn’t well liked because she has an evil nature and does horrible things to other people. But you already know that otherwise you wouldn’t be on here defending her.

    2. LOL. This is such BS and I think you know it. The first thing you Kenya stans run to as a defense for people not liking her is the fact that’s she’s dark skinned and pretty. Meanwhile on this blog, Viola Davis and Kelly Rowland just to name a few are worshipped. People don’t like Kenya because she’s a nasty human being who hits below the belt and literally can’t get along with 99.5% other black women. When you can’t even get along with Kim Fields, as sweet and harmless as she is, you are the problem. Y’all gotta find a new go to defense.

    3. And you’re saying that dumb sh-t like it’s not normal for most black women to look good without makeup, have long hair, be pretty and dark skinned. F-ck outta here. You can’t be black typing that bullsh-t. F-ck outta here.

  10. Clearly Porsha’s not a punk, but what she did to Kenya and Cynthia is light work.
    People make it seem like she knocking b-tches out left and right on some Mike Tyson type of sh-t. Not to mention in both cases she was defending herself. They need to stop trying to Portray her as if she’s some big bad wolf it’s sickening,

  11. Yeap the hatred you have for Kenya is deep hey.I bet that she would get a pass if she were a light skin or biracial.Why not understand that she likes attention and will seek it since she does not know her mother’s love.The worse part is that her mother rejects her even now as a grown woman.But no you Kenya haters do not even try to understand the pyschological impact this has caused her.It is not like she is harping on about a break up or divorce.She wants to understand why her mother is rejecting her.Ofcourse this will have an influence on who she is and what she does.

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