Watch: Nicki Minaj Embarrasses Her Security During Performance

When Nicki caught her security on his phone, she immediately stopped performing and walked towards him and demanded he handed over the phone.

Once he willingly gave up the phone, she tossed it.

Now a lot of Nicki’s fans have made it clear on social media that they stand behind Nicki’s choice to toss the phone but some folks are calling her out because they feel she acted unprofessional to her security’s lack of professionalism.

But check out the video below and let us know where you stand:


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  1. Immature. Nicki is too far along in her career to still be pulling these bratty stunts. Yes he was wrong but there’s a way to handle things. You don’t stop your show to toss his phone into the crowd.

  2. It looks like he maybe been warned before. But either way I don’t have a problem with how she reacted. I’m paying your firm to secure my safety and you’re in your phone? Nope, do your job!

  3. He should have been doing his job. He’s supposed to be protecting her life but he’s too busy on his phone to pay attention. She has every right to be angry.

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