Ray Lewis Explains His Problem with the #BlackLivesMatter Movement

Photo Credit: Facebook
Photo Credit: Facebook

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Former Baltimore Ravens star Ray Lewis may be done tugging at heart-strings on the field and in the locker rooms with his inspirational speeches, but he still has plenty to say and has some very interesting thoughts on the current state of the black community.

Earlier today, he uploaded a video of why he feels the #BlackLivesMatter movement could be better.

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  1. He’s entitled to his opinion. But I think people should understand Black Lives Matter is about tackling police brutality. If you want an organization to fight black on black crime, start one yourself.

  2. He sounds just like those white trolls. Anyway if he’s really passionate about this, he can use his platform and start an organization to stop the violence in Chicago. Because that would be more effective and useful than making a video for Facebook likes.

  3. I’m pretty sure one of the biggest reasons the violence in Chicago is so high is because police have basically stopped patrolling these black neighborhoods. But I do agree we should be more independent and fix the problem ourselves. We need a totally different organization than Black Lives Matter. I’m not really feeling them as of late because they seem to do more on social media than in real life.

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