‘Black Ink Crew’ Star Sky Says Plastic Surgery Gets Her More Attention from Men

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Black Ink Crew” star Sky was open about getting some work done on her body in the previous season of the hit reality show, and now she opens up about how life has been post the surgeries in a recent interview.

And she claims getting some work done has made her even more popular on social media when it comes to men.

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  1. Well this is where we are right now as a society. The popularity of social media has made us even more vain and body conscious. If sistas ain’t wearing 5 pounds of makeup and contouring just to check the mailbox, then they are taking it a step further and getting fat transfers and boob jobs. Self love is the best love.

  2. Plastic surgery is all the rage now. And a lot of people won’t stop at one procedure. They keep going until they end up looking deformed.

  3. Sky is one of my favorite people on Black Ink but her thinking is exactly what’s wrong with the some women today. Why would you want a man who is just interested in you because of your butt and boobs? It’s so much more to us as women than just the physical. I’m not anti plastic surgery but the fact that majority of the women are getting it now solely to be noticed and for IG fame is sad. Furthermore a big butt and big boobs won’t keep a real man.

  4. It has to be exhausting to want validation so much from social media. And I’m not even saying it’s just the reality stars. It’s pretty much most of the population at this point. Likes and comments on IG is so important to these people.

  5. Low self esteem seems to be a plague these days. I think Sky is beautiful and she seems like a genuine person. I just hope she doesn’t get carried away with the surgery.

  6. I like Sky but she is lying to herself. She was feeling low about herself before she got the fat transfer to her butt and she admitted that on “Black Ink” besides that though…this chick is off the hook and ratchet. Look at the guys she has attracted and is attracting smh…She needs to fix her insides before further doing anymore surgery or she is gonna be another K-Michelle. A broken low-self nice looking chick with too many fake body parts

  7. You don’t have high self esteem if you wanted plastic surgery and may get even more work done. Sky is funny as hell but she did strike me as someone with a lot of issues.

  8. This is the part I hate about reality television. This type of thinking isn’t confined to entertainment and adult viewers. These people are doing interviews and making an impression on the younger generation while reinforcing the ones who are already lost. It’s sad…

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