Watch: Birdman Threatens the Breakfast Club Crew

Photo Credit: YouTube
Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Cash Money Records head honcho Birdman is making headlines today because he had a very intense interview with the Breakfast Club crew.

And he didn’t have a problem threatening all three of them either.

Click next for the details.

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    1. “All tree of yall stop playin wit my name!!”

      “And I ain’t gon say it no mo”

      (Throws arms over chest defensively)- Classic…LMAO

  1. I watched the interview like 10 times on YT…LMAO DJ Envy and Ang Lee are so scary….they were almost mute….its always Char lol. But Birdman is retarded as hell. How you curse them out and you don’t even give an explanation of why…you throw a temper tantrum and run out like a bish!!!

  2. Mess. He is too damn old to be such a loser. And he really gets off by trying to intimidate people. But he knows who to try.

  3. Birdman looked silly pouting and folding his arms like a spoiled brat. And he’s supposed to be a thug?

  4. The f-ck? And was it Envy that said see you later n-gga as they were walking out on the mic? Sh-t is wild.

  5. I gotta give it to Char for not being a punk but he better be careful. Punks like Birdman will have goons come jump him. It’s what cowards like him do when someone isn’t intimidated by them.

    1. Yeah but how much security did Char have standing to the side (off camera)..funny though…but I’m still waiting for someone to kick Char & Wendell Williams a-s..Char knows who to try as well..I remember when LL Cool J got into his

  6. This is funny as hell. I know Birdman thinks he’s scary but most people fund him hilarious. Same grown man who kissed Lil Wayne in the mouth and couldn’t see an issue with it. A G he is not.

  7. I think I played this like 5 times, and laughed each time. Birdman acts like a child. I can’t believe he’s almost 50 years old.

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