Future is Back At It

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Future is supposed to be keeping his ex Ciara’s name out of his mouth for legal reasons, and if she is able to get granted the gag order she requested, he will have to or be subjected to another multi-million dollar lawsuit.

Interestingly enough, he mentioned Ciara during a recent performance.

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    1. Didn’t want to comment on the simpleton, but you’re right..but yet people stay dragging Ciara. Unbothered people. ..well aren’t bothered

  1. I guess he wants to be sued again. This is why Ciara refused to say his name when she announcing the nominees. She ain’t trying to give Future any rope to hang her with.

  2. He’s a fool. And he didn’t start doing the most until she got with Russell. He can’t stand to see her move on with someone else.

  3. F-ck boys can’t stand to see women get some sense and move on from their bullsh-t and be happy. I hope she gets that gag order and f-cks him up in court. Petty a-s bastard.

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