Future is Back At It

The other night Future performed in front of a large crowd in Syracuse, and when he noticed the crowd didn’t seem enthusiastic about him being on stage, he asked them if they were fans of Ciara and Desiigner.

Hip New Hip Hop writes:

The media has enjoyed pitting Desiigner against Future, though it’s obvious the former is greatly influenced by the latter. Desiigner has responded to all those who consider him a Future knock-off with a troll-ish strategy that seems to only incite his detractors and make the FutureHive more angry. He performed a new song called “Pluto,” also the name of Future’s debut album, at SXSW, and a couple of weeks ago, he announced a new mixtape, and for the initial artwork, he used the same image from cover of Prince’s Purple Rain but with his own head photoshopped onto that of Prince (R.I.P.). The move suggests that he wanted to draw a likeness between his upcoming project and Future’s January mixtape, titled Purple Reign.

Future had stayed quiet about his Brooklyn clone, until last night, when he was in Upstate New York for a concert in Syracuse. According to Complex, at one point in the show Future decided to test out the energy levels coming from different sections of the venue. Apparently one part of the crowd was particularly quiet, prompting Future to tell them, “Y’all must be Ciara or Desiigner fans or something.”

Check out the video below:

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    1. Didn’t want to comment on the simpleton, but you’re right..but yet people stay dragging Ciara. Unbothered people. ..well aren’t bothered

  1. I guess he wants to be sued again. This is why Ciara refused to say his name when she announcing the nominees. She ain’t trying to give Future any rope to hang her with.

  2. He’s a fool. And he didn’t start doing the most until she got with Russell. He can’t stand to see her move on with someone else.

  3. F-ck boys can’t stand to see women get some sense and move on from their bullsh-t and be happy. I hope she gets that gag order and f-cks him up in court. Petty a-s bastard.

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