Jay Z’s Former Stylist Defends Him Amid Cheating Accusations and ‘Lemonade’ Controversy

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Beyonce made a big splash with her latest studio album, “Lemonade,” and aside from the praise for her new music from music critics, the album is also making headlines thanks to Rachel Roy’s Twitter stunt recently.

With folks thinking Rachel Roy was the one that caused ElevatorGate, Jay Z’s former stylist took to Twitter to set the record straight.

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  1. No one knows what goes on in their marriage but them. But I do agree this album is not about their marriage and that’s pretty clear if people actually sit and watch the movie and listen to the lyrics. Rachel just wanted some publicity and in the end she just hurt herself. No one was even thinking about her until she tried to be cute on IG. Now she’s having to cancel appearances because she’s scared the Hive will meet her there and throw lemons at her. Her bad.

    1. No she’s cancelling appearances for public sympathy! I hope she realizes we don’t get tired! We won’t move on in a week either. Ask Keri Hilson!

        1. What’s sadder is how some have managed to try to shame a fan base more than the woman who possibly slept with a married man and a grown woman who chose to get on Instagram and try to hurt the wife. And I stay that as an anti-stan. I have no sympathy for women like Rachel. They cry about being bullied but will bully the wife of the married man they slept with. And that’s what happened here. Rachel tried to bully Bey in public on social media (and this ain’t the first time) but people want to change the narrative into poor Rachel and evil BeyHive. Nope! This is the one time I don’t mind the BeyHive dragging someone. She deserves it.

          1. This is why I don’t take people seriously who try to come for the Hive and try to make us feel guilty. We drag people who come for Bey first because let’s be clear, she doesn’t bother anyone. She does her job and she goes home and lives her life. No one made Rachel or any other desperate for attention fool be messy. They wanted to be messy, well let’s be messy then!

    1. Def damage control for Rachel. It’s amazing how people are trying to put on capes for a messy attention whore. She’s grown. She wanted the attention so now she needs to be able to handle it.

  2. Now one of the criticisms I’ve always had for Bey is how calculating she is. She will let the world think her marriage is in jeopardy if it will market her album in a huge way. And that’s exactly what’s happening. The media is fixated on proving how in shambles their marriage is that they don’t see when they are being used. Now why would someone as private as Beyonce spill her own tea in her music? People are so damn gullible. And no I don’t think he cheated with Rachel. I think she’s a groupie and tried to push up on him that night and Solange called her out about it and she whooped up on Jay for not shutting it down himself. Rachel is besties with Kim K. so attention whoring is her speciality. Now if there’s anyone Jay could have cheated with, it would be Rita Ora. Their body language was always suspect to me. Just my two cents.

    1. We can agree to disagree but Beyonce isn’t the 1 that started putting out those divorce rumors. Every other day the media was speculating or putting out they were getting divorced,Beyonce won’t let him come on her Formation tour,Jay-Z afraid Beyonce will take Blue Ivy,Beyonce and Jay-Z haven’t been seen together in weeks,etc…She doesn’t has to correct them every time they put some random sh-t out there..ijs

  3. But nobody told Rachel to jump her a-s on IG trying to be messy. I know June is trying to take up for Rachel but she brought this on herself. Rachel knew exactly what she was doing but she bit off more than she can chew oh well I don’t feel sorry for her.

  4. This is why I don’t feel sympathy for people who come for Bey. She was literally minding her own business, making moves with her new music and Rachel decided to be messy. I hope the Beyhive doesn’t let up either.

  5. We’re only talking about this because Rachel tried to throw some shade she couldn’t back up. That’s it. So miss me with the extras. I don’t feel bad for her and I honestly wish people would stop reporting on her. She’s not important. She will forever be a nonfactor. When your ex husband talks about his deceased ex more than he ever talked about you, time to take a long look at yourself. She will always remain in the shadows of prettier and more successful BLACK women. So she can sit down #goodhair and all.

  6. When attention seeking goes horribly wrong and your friends have to come clean up your mess. Rachel better keep it cute from now on.

  7. Mess. See none of this would have even happened if Rachel wasn’t an old attention seeking bird. Now her little friends are trying to save her reputation.

  8. That man is rich as hell. It ain’t out the realm of possibilities for him to have cheated with somebody. The problem is side chicks don’t need to get bold like they can’t get a good dragging out in these streets. I mean people still drag Alicia Keys and she’s talented as hell. So what did she think would happen with her boring a-s?

    1. That’s Rachel’s bad. But let’s not pretend y’all give a f-ck about adults going in on kids when y’all still call Blue Ivy everything but a child of God and she’s not even 5 yet. Y’all love calling out the Hive when y’all aren’t any better your damn selves. Next time Rachel will sit her a-s down somewhere.

  9. All relationships have peaks and valleys. I don’t think Bey is calculated in a negative way nor do I think she “will let the world think her marriage is in shambles if it will market her album in a huge way.” I think she spoke about her past truth. I think that she had difficulty in her relationship which brought her to a dark place then she came out of it, as shown in the visual album. Any Bey fan would know that Bey is opening up more and more now. She had wedding visuals at her On the Run Tour, her instagram family photos, shoot she talked about her miscarriage with Oprah and in her music. Shoot she sang about infidelity in the song Resentment… every artists art has a piece of them. (I tried to reply to the anonymous person but my phone tripping)

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