Rita Ora Addresses Jay-Z Cheating Rumors

Rita Ora used to be really close with Beyonce in the beginning of her music career, but some have speculated that she could be sleeping with Jay Z behind the superstar’s back.

Then of course certain photos of Rita appearing to be a little too touchy feely with Mr. Carter have kept the suspicions going.

With the BeyHive still in search for the Becky “with the good hair,” they have now found a new target in Rita Ora.

But Rita took to Twitter pretty quickly to let Beyonce’s fans know she’s not sleeping with Jay Z (read tweets from bottom to top):

rita ora twitter

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  1. I honestly wish people would focus on the actual music of Lemonade. But I guess all publicity is good when you have new music out.

    1. I agree. I’m over talking about this. If he cheated or not, the album is still awesome. But all these irrelevant groupies are getting shine they couldn’t get by their own talents and accomplishments. That’s what sucks.

    2. The music bangs and Bey’s sales and accolades with confirm that but people are going to talk because we’re are a society who loves gossip.

    1. I agree. She was always inappropriate with Jay Z in pictures. I hope Bey has learned not to trust these wannabe artists anymore. A lot of them want to be in her shoes so sleeping with Jay Z is a goal for them.

    1. I don’t think anyone has. Anytime we hear about her it’s show she’s sleeping with. I don’t think I’ve even heard her talk before.

  2. I never lied Rita. I could always tells she was an opportunistic rat and I couldn’t understand why Bey liked her.

  3. Did they agree to release her from Roc Nation yet? I noticed she doesn’t stan for Bey anymore. Now I love me some Bey but I wouldn’t be surprised if Hov did hit that at some point. She gets around in the industry and it still hasn’t helped her career. This whole situation is a mess.

  4. This THOT needs her a-s whooped. I don’t believe for one second that her hoe a-s respects Beyonce or marriage. She will f-ck anyone to get on top but she doesn’t even know how to f-ck for tracks the right way so she gets nothing more than a wet a-s and flop albums and singles.

    1. Why do you care enough to believe or not. Beyonce is not going to write a song for you when you get cheated on. Dont lose sleep if she is

      1. Sh-t why do you care about what I care about or how I’m sleeping at night? I got questions too. Lmao.

    1. Exactly!! I’m Team Jayonce but I’m not going to pretend he couldn’t be out here cheating!! He has money and power and men like him cheat all the time!!

  5. There’s a Twitter account that has been accurately tweeting about B6 before it even dropped and that person said it’s Rita. Now I love my fave but if Jay cheated on her I want her to leave him. No woman deserves that. I just had a baby. I wish my husband would try it!

      1. I really don’t know what’s going on. I still think the message of the album is black women’s disconnect with black men and healing. I’m just saying that with men in the industry you never really know. So many of them sleep around. I just hope if that is the case Bey will eventually leave him one day because she deserves better.

  6. But she confirmed it with the shade she threw earlier before making these tweets. Own your messiness trick.

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