Drake Gives an Update on His Relationship with Nicki Minaj Amid Meek Mill Feud

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Nicki Minaj has tried her hardest to stay out of Drake and Meek Mill’s beef publicly but now the Canadian rapper claims she has chosen a side and it has resulted in them no longer speaking.

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      1. Sis let’s not pretend Drake doesn’t have a long history of pettiness. Right now I can log off on here and pull up an article of him deleting Kanye off his album just because he had Jay Z do some of his lines. Drake is the King of petty. And him and Nicki haven’t been cool for well over a year. To keep bringing her up and saying he hasn’t talked to her everytime he has new music is petty to me but you don’t have to agree. I like him, just saying.

        1. Bae he wasn’t petty in this one instance and I think it’s because he really does love him some Nicki. But Zaddy is still the king of pettiness.

        2. No argument from me boo…I thought he was asked a question and he answered it without throwing shade..hell Drake,Wayne and Nicki were really tight..for their relationship to be strained because of Meek emotional a-s is crazy to me…but ijs..he could’ve pulled a “Future ” with his response. .js..

    1. I honestly thought her relationship with Meek was to hurt Safaree..regardless she should’ve upgraded like CiCi did..lol

  1. What relationship? I’m assuming no one saw her ellen refering to meek as “some boy who likes her”, nd also saying she doesn’t consider herself in a relationship

    1. She actually clarified on Twitter that she’s still with Meek after that interview. She just wants people to act like she’s single and stop asking her about her relationship in every interview she does.

  2. The word petty is considerably overused these days. #groupthink

    Drake was very classy in his answer to the interview question.

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