Photo: Jennifer Williams Filming for BBWLA?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Several weeks ago former “Basketball Wives Miami” star Jennifer Williams hinted that she wouldn’t be against joining the LA cast, and now a new photo has some speculating that she may have done just that.

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  1. Why? They treated her like trash and sat back and watched Evelyn and her gutter trash friend bully her. Funds must be low if she’s thinking about dealing with them again.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised. It became more possible to me that she would do it after I saw her dealing with all that foolishness on The Next 15. She already lives in LA too.

  3. If she’s not on the upcoming season she will most likely be on the next. She left the door open and even VH1 said it’s a possibility. Hey, she has to get her coins somehow. I just need her not to be caught up in any mess again. Sit back and laugh like Shaunie does if she can.

  4. The timing makes me think she is. So they hang out like a few weeks after she said she was open to doing it? LOL. I hope she will be smarter this time and won’t end up being someone’s storyline and punching bag. I hated how they did her. Her husband and Evelyn embarrassed her on the show and Shaunie just turned around and fired her right after.

    1. This is why I didn’t want her to go back. For her to be fired after everything happened the way it did was messed up. Yet they begged Evelyn to come back. SMH.

  5. I just don’t see Jenn hanging with them just because. I think she filmed but may not be part of the main cast yet. Kind of like how Tami was. If the reception is good, they may bring her back like they are doing with Tami.

  6. Money talks. If she is doing it, she better be demanding to be compensated properly, especially after they played her a-s last time.

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