NeNe Leakes Checks Luenell

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

NeNe Leakes’ new comedy tour is already doing well but not everyone is happy for her success.

In fact, comedian Luenell is salty considering she doesn’t feel NeNe is a real comedian, but it didn’t take long for NeNe to issue out a clap back.

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  1. If Lunelle has a problem with reality stars and celebrities taking up stand up comedy to make a quick buck then why did she help out Wendell Williams when he did his one woman tour. Lunelle is a hypocrite and if Nene isn’t taking gigs away from her or messing with her coins then I don’t see what’s the issue.

  2. This is silly to me because how does Luenell think actors feel about comedians? Do comedians not take acting roles all the time and have less training? And I’ve seen Luenell in movies so yeah. Let Nene eat. She never said she was a comedian.

  3. Luenell sounds like a hater. Wendy ain’t no comedian either but she was cool with Wendy’s flop comedy tour? I think she’s pressed because Nene’s comedy tour is actually doing well.

  4. Luenell so full of sh-t so she has a problem with Nene doing comedy but was in full support of Claudia stale a-s doing the same GTFOH. I’m glad Nene called her out.

  5. I’m not a Nene fan but this was petty, especially since Luenell was silent when Wendy and Claudia decided to do standup.

  6. Neither wendy nor claudia started out as reality stars. Wendy has put in work for decades. How would you feel if you bust your but at work for years and they hire someone with no experience to work at the same level as you. You would be pissed. Unfortunately neither of the women have longevity so they both need to be humble. Especially Nene.

    1. Umm what? Luenell said specifically in the IG post that her issue with Nene is she is not a comedian and has not put in the work to do standup – and she feels standup is such a hard thing to do and many comedians sacrifice to do it. So how can she not feel the same way about Claudia and Wendy – two people who have not worked hard to be comedians and who have not sacrificed so many years to perfect standup? And you can call Nene many things but lazy, nope! Before RHOA, she was taking acting classes. And Broadway in itself is very hard work and she’s done it TWICE. She’s honestly worked harder than Claudia to be frank. So yeah, let’s not downplay Nene just because she’s not the most likable. I’m a huge Kenya stan and even I have to say Luenell is a hypocrite about this one. It is what it is.

      1. Not a Kenya stan making some sense on here. LOL! J/K (sort of). Anyway, I agree. Luenell was pretty clear about being salty about Nene doing standup because standup is something she feels comedians have to sacrifice to do. But it was crickets when Wendy and Claudia did theirs, two people she’s actually cool with. Luenell doesn’t have a problem with reality stars doing standup, she’s just mad Nene’s bank account looks better than hers, and after all these years, most people have no idea who a Luenell even is. Maybe she should spend less time hating on Instagram and more time in getting herself a better team, like Nene has. LOL.

  7. Meh, she’s just mad a reality star out hustled her. It happens. Maybe she should step her game up.

  8. I was about to say but she helped corny a$$ Claudia out…yeah this jus classifies as hate

  9. Well at least she admitted she is salty. Most haters won’t even admit they are hating. I have no problem with Nene diversifying how she’s getting her money.

  10. Girl if you don’t sit. How you gonna hate on another woman’s hustle? I can’t stand bitter people.

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