Karrine Steffans Challenges Amber Rose and Cardi B

Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle
Photo Credit: Instagram/Urban Belle

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Karrine Steffans is no stranger to headlines and controversy, so it’s no surprise that she has some advice for Amber Rose and Cardi B.

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  1. I wish Super Head would shut her pretentious a-s up. She really believes she is somehow doing better than younger THOTs when she’s had how many failed “marriages” and keeps dealing with bum a-s dudes. She ain’t got no advice worth hearing for no damn body. Especially when she is a caricature her damn self!

    1. I just want to know how do you intellectually suck a d-ck, seeing how she’s always been so cerebral and all. Anyone….??????

      1. Hmmmm I was honking the same….she has nerve to talk when the only things she’s been using to come up is her mouth and her cooch…she needs to worry about herself and why is she still a BIRD at her age….what growth has she done or shown???? Bish still be talking about being rappers side pieces from way back….Amber (even tho I don’t care for her) and Cardi B is doing much better than this stale a$$ washed up tryna old Thot

  2. Great but she needs to challenge herself to act her age and finally get her own mess of a life together. To be honest, Amber and Cardi are doing well for themselves with less the drama Karrine continues to have.

  3. Cardi is actually smarter than Amber and Karrine combined. At least she understands you don’t deal with f-ck boys. When will Karrine? When will Amber?

  4. I think she needs to worry about herself. She’s not exactly setting a good example for Amber or Cardi now is she?

  5. Good point just wrong person giving it. And old bird cant tell a young bird to do better when she not living proof of a change

  6. Essentially she is telling them to learn from her mistakes… she was/is a caricature whether she wants to believe it or not.

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