Ciara Checks MTV

Years ago Ciara and Rihanna got into a Twitter beef, but both artists have moved past the feud.

However, one MTV’s Twitter accounts brought the situation back up in attempt to make a joke.

Ciara wasn’t having it though.

Zap 2 It writes:

But that wasn’t the only shade being thrown between major media outlets and celebrities during the Billboard Music Awards. MTV Music’s Twitter account got in on the snark with a since-deleted tweet that read, “Luda, you know Ciara won’t say Rihanna’s name.”

The tweet is directed at Billboard host Ludacris in reference to his co-host Ciara’s previous feud with singer Rihanna. The two got into a Twitter fight back in 2011, though they quickly mended fences and have been all good ever since.

Ciara took the classy road in responding to MTV, writing that Rihanna was “amazing” and “one of the best performances of the night.” She then took the MTV Twitter account to task for letting a newbie steer the ship during such a big event.

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  1. That so long ago. Why some people still bring it up now is beyond me. Neither cares about what the other is doing.

  2. She kept it classy. When will Rihanna? Or will Rihanna and her friends make another video in the bathroom cackling at Ciara’s singing voice?

      1. No but recently, she’s been favoriting shady tweets about Beyonce’s song Formation to keep the stan war going between the Hive and the Navy. Trust she would start back arguing with other celebs on Twitter when her schedule dies down again. I mean she admitted she hasn’t clapped back at anything in a while because she’s been too busy. Not because clapping back is petty and immature. What a class act she is!

          1. Don’t confuse being pressed with telling the truth. Your fave is a bully and you know I’m telling the truth.

        1. That was Photoshopped boo. I used to participate in the Navy and Hive wars but after awhile you notice that 99% of it is fan made and it’s not real. Bey and Rihanna are cool. They are on the same team. Rih wouldn’t shade Bey and vice versa. Losers just like to sit on Twitter and manipulate screenshots to cause drama.

          1. Ok I’ll give you the photoshopped tweet in that ONE instance but can you go back in time and tell me all the times Rihanna has bullied other women publicly didn’t happen?

          2. Anonymous How is Rihanna a bully when she only responds to people who come for her first?

          3. Girl are you even really a Ciara stan or just a Rihanna hater? I ask that because how could you not know Ciara and Rihanna are back on friendly terms and even showed love to each other last night at the awards and you’re supposed to be a Ciara stan? Girl just take the L and stop trolling this blog. How are you so angry at someone your fave has no issues with?

          4. Get Busy, girl I don’t mind defending Rihanna against any troll on here. Wrong is wrong. That tweet was Photoshopped for crying out loud and Ci Ci and Rih have ended their beef! Just let it go.

          5. Y’all are being biased because y’all call me pressed for what I say on here about Rihanna but never seem to mind My Faves always shading Ciara on here. So miss me with all the guilt trips. I see though the BS. I said what I said!

  3. That stuff so old now between Ciara and Rihanna people including stupid a-s stans on both sides need to let it go. I definitely agree with Ciara I don’t even care for Rihanna but from the clips I seen of Rihanna’s performance that’s the best I’ve ever heard her sing live. Her vocals were on point I was truly blown away.

  4. Shady social media accounts are all the rage now in the business. Had Ciara not have clapped back. that tweet would have been retweeted plenty of times and gotten MTV some good pub. By her calling them out, it puts MTV in a bad light. She did the right thing.

  5. I didn’t watch the awards last night because of GOT, the game and FTWD. But as usual, social media seems to have been more popping than the actual show. LMBO.

  6. MTV needs to sit down and figure out how they can make their awards shows less dry. The only awards show I watch now is BET. Everything else is boring and too white washed.

  7. Check their corny a-sses Ci Ci. Rihanna and Ciara are both doing well. When you’re winning at life you ain’t got time for the f-ck sh-t.

  8. Social media has truly ruined everything, even MTV. Everyone is in search of attention and retweets now. Even TV networks and legit businesses. And it’s getting them in trouble too. MTV deleted those tweets fast because they knew they were wrong.

  9. He’s probably part of the Navy. A few of them won’t let that situation go and they do still drag Ciara on Twitter about it.

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