Bobby Brown Says He & Whitney Houston Should Have Been Better Parents

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Bobby Brown has penned a memoir on his life in the industry, and he’s dropping some major bombs about his ex-wife Whitney Houston too.

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  1. Is he this desperate to sell his book? Whitney and Bobbi are dead. This is classless of him.

    1. Thank youuuuuuuu! People are feeling sorry for him but he is a low life scumbag for exposing something about a dead person who is not here to defend herself. Would he have written this memoir is her daughter was alive? Sick of him

  2. The problem with this is the people he’s talking about aren’t here to defend themselves. But he’s clearly in need of cash and doesn’t seem to care about morals right about now. And the whole not doing drugs thing in front of Bobbi didn’t really matter in the end did it? aren’t dumb. They can tell when their parents are on drugs. Bobbi started doing drugs because she knew it’s what her parents were doing.

  3. People are going to write a tell all book about him when he is dead and I am sure it will be his close friends or a family member. The questions and rumors have been out there for many years. Since Whitney’s death her family have been on there giving interviews about most of the questions. They are the ones who shed the truth about Bobby not being the one who started Whitney on drugs. Lets face it. If you are or were famous, people are going to write a book about it if they were close to you. That is show business.

  4. And this is why you can’t marry just anybody. If your SO isn’t making you better, it’s just a matter of time before they bring you down. Whitney wasn’t an angel, but getting with someone with just as many issues as her or even more was a tragic mistake. And the sins of the parents were just passed on to the child. Really, really think twice about who you choose to marry and have kids with.

  5. Bobby ain’t sh-t. Ain’t enough money or fame in the world for me to throw my family under a bus for a check. But what do I know. Most celebs don’t know sh-t about loyalty. This is another one of those times I get sad about Whitney marrying this man. Imagine how different her life could have been.

  6. I can understand why he wrote a book I mean it’s his life too. But I just don’t think he should be spilling Whitney’s tea. She didn’t want anyone to know she was bi. He should have left that part out.

  7. I think he could’ve told his story without exposing secrets. I’d understand his desire to clarify misunderstandings and clear his name, but I’d also think the pain of losing TWO people you loved would outweigh the backlash he gets about ruining Whitney’s life. I watched the 20/20 interview and to say he’s in such a “good” place with his wife and children, I’d think that this would be something he could’ve taken to the grave with him. He can’t be mad if/when Nick writes a book later on down the line…

  8. Poor Whitney. Bobby telling all and her estate selling all.. I mean really I never heard that Whitney was in a relationship with a woman. I would have gone my life not knowing. And I can’t believe the estate is selling her drivers license, passport, wedding dress… everyone she ever knew only wanted to profit from her it seems. How can the family really be mad when they are selling intimate pieces of her too?!

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