Cardi B Leaving LHHNY?

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Cardi B is without a doubt one of the most loved personalities of “Love and Hip Hop New York,” but it appears some behind the scenes differences have caused the reality star to make the upcoming season her last.

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  1. Well rumor has it Mona is out here paying people peanuts to act like fools. I don’t blame Cardi for leaving.

  2. They way they promoted her, you would think she was getting paid well. Now I’m curious about how much Joseline and Stevie make.

    1. Stevie Makes 27K a month it was in his child support docs. But he was actually known in the 90s. Joseline was making 1500$ an episode for the first season.. Yu got throwed off if u think I’ll waste my time for that. There was like 10 episodes in the first season. Now if u take out Stevie’s 30% and then 20% for taxes that’s not enough to look a n!gg@ on tv

  3. She just got there. But I get it. If the money ain’t right, you can’t stick around too long.

  4. Mona paying pennies hence why 90% of the newcomers each season are unknown upcoming artists with failed talent, mixed tapes and bad record deals.

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