Memphitz Dragged for Disrespecting Toya Wright on Television

Photo Credit: WEtv
Photo Credit: WEtv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Memphitz and Toya Wright signed up for the current season of “Marriage Boot Camp,” and plenty of folks have taken to social media to call Memphitz out for disrespecting his estranged wife in front of the cameras.

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  1. Umm no one should be defending this creep. He has anger issues and I don’t doubt he hasn’t put his hands on Toya too. He’s a monster and I’m really tired of some women still trying to cape for him.

  2. People only pull the only God can judge me card when they know they can’t defend their bad actions/choices.

    1. Thank you. And another thing, don’t complain about people having opinions on your life when you put your life on front street for a check. This is their third reality show. No one is forcing him to keep doing these shows.

  3. I’m glad this f-ck boy got dragged. But anyone who is defending his abusive a-s needs to be dragged too. Piece of sh-t.

  4. He really is trash for the way he treats women. Since the receipts are on full display now, any woman with sense should run in the opposite direction when they see him now. He’s a lunatic.

  5. He’s a creep nd she’s a lame nd together they tryna profit off their foolishness. Both need to have a seat

  6. I really can’t stand this dude. He is sh-tty to women but always tries to make himself out to be some misunderstood victim.

  7. Click the Ig post to read the comemnts. It’s so odd to see women defending a woman beater. It’s just so sad on so many levels.

  8. Toya need to but her daughter first and look out for her safety. Most likely Memphitz have abused her daughter also. Someone need to call the police and CPS.

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