Tara Wallace Called out for Embarrassing Black Women

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

“Love and Hip Hop New York” star Tara Wallace gets plenty of backlash for her controversial love triangle with Peter Gunz and Amina Buddafly, so it’s no surprise she is often dragged on social media.

Interestingly enough, a follower checked her on Instagram recently, and Tara struggled to clap back.

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  1. She ain’t embarrassing black women, she’s embarrassing her got damn self. None of these birds represent me. I’m out here getting my money and handling my business. Not getting pregnant multiple times by a bum or using my uterus to get back at another woman.

    1. Thank you. The follower may have typed some truths but where she went wrong was thinking a reality star represents all of us. No ma’am.

  2. Tara is such an idiot. She keeps talking all these degrees and education she has but she’s been getting played b a broke rapper for all these years. What’s the point in being book smart if you’re dumb about everything else?

  3. 2 degrees & she couldn’t figure out how not to get pregnant by a married man? Education doesn’t mean sense.

    1. She owes no one a response. I dont see where she struggled.
      As PP mentioned, she doesnt make us look bad she makes herself look bad.
      Why is the poster so angry. I dont care enough about these people to get angry

  4. Girl what? What does her writing a book and having degrees have to do with anything? I mean if any of that really meant something she wouldn’t be dealing with Peter and she damn sure wouldn’t be on LHHNY.

  5. Tara is so damn delusional. She always has the whole superiority complex going but homegirl is sleeping on air mattresses and getting pregnant to get back at her baby daddy’s WIFE. It’s like everyone can see how f-cked up her situation is except her.

  6. A degree doesn’t equate to having class and self worth, she made it clear on the show shes ok with being nothing morw than a baby mom. She can write all the books she wants but what can she talk about? How to make multiple babies with a man without making him put a ring on your finger, how to move in the same building as him and his wife and try to front like its for the kids, how to front like she didn’t intentionally get pregnant to get back at his wife which didn’t do anything since he still married

  7. Tara is a joke. But it’s her life not ours. She’s not a bad representation of black women because she doesn’t represent us. She represents herself only.

  8. Tara is a clown. I’m not surprised she couldn’t come up with a decent clap back because how can you clap back at the truth?

  9. If anyone should be embarrassed should be the women who knew he hada wwoman with his kids. And he did not stop messing with his boys mother. Remember this when you knowing a man has a woman with his kids he is going to go back and forth. That what some men do. Remember this also what goes around comes around

  10. She got an AA and a Certified Nursing Assistant certificate talmbout she has go degrees.

    Girl, bye, you defaulted on repaying that student loan too!

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