Omarion and Apryl Jones Split + Bow Wow Rejoices

Photo Credit: VH1
Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Former “Love and Hip Hollywood” couple Omarion and Apryl James have confirmed their split just months after having their second child together.

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  1. Funny how Bow Wow has an opinion about everyone’s life but refuses to say anything about Black Lives Matter.

    1. Every black celebrity doesn’t need to speak on it, no need to have another celeb reading off something a PR representative wrote

      1. Yeah, I disagree. Every famous black person needs to speak up regardless of if they wrote it themselves or not. Is it not black people who keep Bow Wow relevant? He can’t speak up on a cause that affects us when most of his fans are black? And why do you think the Civil Rights Movement became so hard for white people to ignore? But I don’t expect this generation to understand the concept. Especially when it’s this generation making someone like Kim Kardashian (who actually had enough class to speak on BLM mind you) famous. Y’all are too busy critiquing what these black celebrities said or questioning if they even wrote it themselves to ever see the bigger picture. The more who use their platform the better. Thank goodness not everyone shares your mentality. We’d be in deep sh-t if they did.

        1. I get what you’re saying but not everyone is intelligent enough to speak out on BLM. Did you see what Fetty Wap tweeted? Enough said.

          1. I mean I can understand but you have to think about this from all surfaces. Every time a celebrity with millions of followers speaks out on BLM, they keep the discussion going and the movement relevant. Everyone plays a part.

        2. Sending a tweet or an ig post isn’t doing or changing anything. Sitting on your yacht pretending to give two f-cks about the people not in your salary bracket is quite insulting which is why celebs get dragged for that too. It’s the people who stand up and fight for change that matters not those who pretend by typing on a smart phone, I bet if Raven Symone said something she would get dragged for days so yes like I said if its not sincere no need to say anythig

          1. Like I just told Queen, you have to look at things from all surfaces/layers. Anytime a celebrity tweets or writes on IG about BLM to their millions of followers, they keep the discussion going and relevant. That’s important and the celebrity involvement has really helped the movement gained traction. So we will agree to disagree.

      2. The only black celebrities who don’t need to speak out are the ignorant ones who are going to side with white supremacy. For example, Wendy Williams should remain quiet.

          1. Agreed..bUT yet Funkmaster Flex can only shade Drake..the mindset of some of these celebrities with all this bulsh-t going on. .Maybe Flex jus want to use his platform to compare Drake to Kendrick. .go Solo..

  2. Sh-t I try not to tell another woman what to do with her v-g but damn you had two kids with a man and then after the fact realize he ain’t it? You couldn’t figure out that sh-t before the babies?

  3. I never understood the whole growing apart thing when you make such permanent decisions like having multiple kids with someone but to each its own.

  4. Is this a publicity stunt to get them back on the show? If not, this is tragic. I mean they just had another baby a few months ago.

  5. She’s trying her hardest to make it seem like she’s happy about this. That usually means the opposite.

  6. Somebody had to have cheated. I am not buying that they just stopped feeling each other when they just had another baby. I’m sure the tea will be spilled soon.

  7. I’ma be that person and just go ahead and say this is why you don’t have multiple kids with a man who hasn’t married you. He played house with her and now he’s done with her. She can pretend she’s happy but I see right through her. And I believe he’s the one who ended it. You don’t sit around and keep dealing with a man who ain’t making moves to marry you! They won’t respect you when you allow that!

  8. Y’all can’t really think her life is over because she got two kids right? It didn’t work out with O but her life ain’t over. Some other man will step up and won’t be scared off because she has two kids. Single mothers go on dates everyday. I believe O cheated and Apryl just refuses to be weak and stay with him. But she’s not the messy type so she won’t tell us that.

      1. I only have one child but have never had an issue with dating. A good friend of mine just got engaged and she has two kids and is a surrogate carrying another couples child. Real men don’t care about baggage when it comes to a woman they care about.

  9. I’m honestly not surprised. Even after two kids, he didn’t marry her. Harsh but I’m just stating facts.

  10. Ummmm I am confused by her being so happy she has 2 kids with O and they didn’t work out……I would be devastated. She’s a cute girl who seems to have a good head on her shoulders but come on…its gonna be kinda hard for her to find a good decent man that is willing to accept she had 2 kids and would want to be serious wit her. Its hard for some women with just 1 kid…cause you got these fake a$$ dudes playing games….good luck to her tho

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