Watch: Countess Vaughn is Not Here for Any Brandy Questions

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Late last year “Moesha” star Countess Vaughn made headlines because she took to Instagram to apologize to Brandy Norwood for their longstanding feud.

Brandy accepted Countess’ apology, but it appears things haven’t really improved if her latest interview is any indication.

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  1. Something probably happened we missed. Brandy has been acting really weird lately and going off on and shading just about anyone.

    1. Right. Brandy probably shaded her recently on Instagram. That’s been her thing lately. Shade and delete.

    2. This! Because she shaded the f-ck out of Monica after the vh1 honors. Something must have happened for Countess to have that kind of reaction.

        1. She said Monica copied her style for her performance at the Hip Hop Honors!! She deleted it fast because people started dragging her!!

          1. Thanks..copied her style..that’s laughable..Monica can out sing Brandy anyday ..I don’t need to continue that..but yet people were dragging Monica because they don’t talk anymore. .maybe Brandy is showing her true self..a b-tch as Countess has said in the past..always 3 sides to a story..

    3. This. Brandy has been really strange and combative lately. Maybe it’s the lawsuit situation going on with her label.

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