Tiny Harris Responds to Escort Rumors

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day a report suggesting TI and Tiny Harris’ marriage is once again on the rocks went viral, and some sources claim their latest riff is the result of TI allegedly being linked to a popular escort.

Well Tiny responded to the rumor on Instagram and her comments are pretty interesting to say the least.

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  1. So she’s basically confirming what people have been saying for years – they have an open marriage. Well if they like it I love it.

    1. But an open marriage goes both ways and is supposed to be open to both people. This isn’t an open marriage. This is a dictatorship and TI is the dictator.

      1. Absolutely. If Tiny ever got caught with side pieces, TI would have a fit and leave her. This is not an open marriage. This is just TI taking advantage of someone with low self esteem and he’s been doing this for years.

  2. Tiny is so f-cking pathetic. She’s sitting on the internet arguing over a dirty d-ck n-gga that thinks she’s so hideous he’s creeping around with escorts. Now Tip never had a problem cursing out trolls on Instagram for less, but now he’s silent? Could not be me. F-ck no.

  3. Now I’m definitely not team Harris like that but the wife isn’t helping her husband at all by doing this. Drag TI all you want but she can’t deny that her husband is a deadbeat father. And she married him anyway.

  4. So she’s cool with him having side chicks. Well I guess they really do have an open marriage. I couldn’t do it but then again, I don’t have low self esteem.

  5. I just can’t with Tiny. She is the reason TI even got record deal and she totally gave up her career to be his doormat. She deserves better but doesn’t want better for some reason. It’s very sad.

  6. This is why I never took their wanna be fake Huxtable a-sses seriously. They try to paint a picture of having this wonderful blended family but in real life it’s nothing but f-ckery.Tiny takes ride or die to new levels and it’s sad as hell.

  7. Just a mess all around. Now I do believe TI has been more of a father to Zonnique than her biological dad, but Tiny fell right into the trap and made a fool out of herself by basically confirming that she shares her man willingly.

  8. Where has she been all this time TI has been referring to Zonnique as his daughter though? Why is it a problem all of a sudden??

    I’ve got nothing about Tiny and the escort rumors. When I read the other story on here about details regarding that incident it was clear that this is far from a rumor and is clearly something he’s not trying to hide. These people have enough money to F off without leaving a paper trail if they wanted to.

  9. I can’t remember who it was on here but someone said Toya’s book spilled the real tea about Tiny and TI and TI isn’t s-xually attracted to Tiny so that’s why she lets him sleep with other women. All I gotta say is I need to buy that book lmfao!

  10. I think both women took an L on this. Tiny for exposing that she has a husband who gets to sleep around on her with no consequences, and her baby daddy’s wife just confirmed that he is indeed a deadbeat father. No one wins in this situation.

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