Method Man Reaches His Breaking Point + Blogger Calls Him Washed Up

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Rapper Method Man is making headlines because he recently walked away from Twitter after a blogger published a photo of his wife to a popular website.

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  1. How is the blogger gonna get mad when they were the one in the wrong? If Method politely asked for the picture to be removed, he should have just removed it. His wife is not a celebrity.

  2. I seriously doubt Method was the one who put that photo out. He has always kept his wife out of the public eye because that’s what she wanted. A simple take down without being petty on Instagram would have sufficed.

  3. I’m going to side with Method on this one. He has never put his wife out there, so just respect his wishes and leave her be. She’s not famous or attention seeking. So bloggers shouldn’t be digging up her pictures.

    1. He hasn’t put her out there since the 90s. They did one magazine spread together in like 96. I think that was the photo used. I didn’t see the article before it was taken down.

  4. If the blogger knew the photo was rare and it’s hard to find pictures of Meth’s wife, why are they trying to flip it and act like Meth is the one pulling a PR stunt? The blogger pulled a PR stunt by posting that picture and I’m sure they are loving the attention they are getting now. Meth may be washed up but he’s right about some people doing the most for likes and retweets.

  5. It’s not a secret how he feels about her privacy. I don’t think this was worth shading him for. I’ve only seen one picture of her on the internet so I’m going to assume that’s the one the blogger posted.

  6. Sadly this is the price of fame. None of your family is off limits. I never understood why Method Man doesn’t get that. I mean look at how they did Blue Ivy. They drag that child to hell and back. This is the price of fame.

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