Porsha Williams’ Former Boo Put on Blast

According to reports, Marcus Vick, the younger brother of Michael Vick, hopped on Twitter recently and accused LeSean McCoy of giving his baby mama “the gift that keeps on giving.”

Total Pro Sports writes:

The brother of current free agent Michael Vick, Marcus Vick, is just putting his business and the business of his baby’s mother on social media for all to see.

This all began on Saturday & Sunday when Marcus Vick started randomly tweeting about Herpes without any details about who he was talking about.

Then on Tuesday, Vick put names out there of who he was talking about and it included his baby mother and Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy.

marcus vick tweet marcus vick tweet 2

Interestingly enough, some blogs were claiming Porsha was spotted out and about with LeSean McCoy several weeks ago.

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  1. Aww sh-t. Even rubbers can’t necessarily protect you from catching it. This is why I wouldn’t f-ck with these athletes. A lot of them ain’t nothing but STD carriers.

  2. Why do people think putting their kids parent on blast is cute? Also, why do these athletes all mess with the same small group of women? This is why y’all will never be great….

  3. And we needed to know this why? Marcus is probably just mad his BM was bending over for an employed athlete. Is his older brother Mike still taking care of his finances?

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