Tiny and TI’s Latest Drama Gets Even Messier?

Blogger Sandra Rose was the first one to break the story about TI and the escort, and now the blogger claims Tiny Harris has allegedly already confronted the woman at the hotel:

Tameka, 41, caught her 35-year-old husband soliciting the services of a well-known prostitute, Analicia Chaves, aka Ana Montana. Tameka confronted the woman at a swanky Atlanta hotel several weeks ago. They had to be separated by hotel security — and it’s all on tape!

T.I. reportedly flew the hooker to New York to service him while he was there to make a guest appearance on ‘The View’ this week.


Sandra also says a source close to the family is claiming Zonnique’s biological father has cut her out of his life for siding with Tiny against his wife.

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  1. Well we’ve seen Tiny pop off on Instagram and invite her ex’s wife to a brawl so this is believable.

  2. Tiny needs to just divorce his a-s and move on. She’s going to be in her 50s still fighting with this man’s jump offs and hookers. Life is too short for this here.

  3. What’s so messed up about this is Tiny still won’t leave him even after all she has put up with. I wouldn’t be surprised if TI is the one who ends the marriage. Being loyal to a man who is not and was never loyal to you never ends well.

    1. Your right he will be the one to leave her for another chick, I saw their show the other night and they did not film together. Tiny’s mother needs to get with her daughter’s program.

  4. Tiny thought Tip was going to stay with her cause she had a baby, but the baby will not stop him from cheating on her now she has 4 kids and her husband is living his life. I know Tiny feels bad about this she should have stayed with FLOYD.

  5. Low self esteem gets grown women in sad situations like this. I honestly think Tiny has heard she’s not all that attractive for a long time so she thinks she needs to accept TI sleeping around. She just takes her frustrations on the side chicks instead.

  6. Tiny is going to pop off on the wrong side chick and get her a-s whooped. Remember you read it here first. You don’t ever fight the other woman. They don’t owe you a damn thing. Check your man.

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