Wale Explains Recent Incident with White Woman

Wale claims he only knocked food out of the woman’s hands because he felt she made a racist comment.

VLAD TV writes:

TMZ caught the altercation on video. In the clip, you can see Wale is following the girl. She turns around, inhales the smoke and blows it in his face. Wale aggressively smacks food out of her hand and the two are broken up by what looks like someone in his entourage. It’s unclear what started the fight based on the footage.

Wale was later interviewed by TMZ about the altercation. He said the woman overheard him joking about bulimia and responded to him by saying “you people are so disrespectful.” Wale assumed the comment had racial undertones and immediately confronted her. “I’m not gonna hit a girl,” he said. “So I just smacked her food…if you’re talking like that to me and blowing smoke in my face after I didn’t do nothing to you, rest in peace to your meal, sweetheart.”

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  1. He’s a father now so he needs to chill out with the clubs. Nothing but trouble can be found in those places.

  2. I try so hard to root for this man because I love his music. I won’t lie, I’m glad he knocked that food out that racist’s hands.

  3. These days it seems funny that men think it’s ok to put there hands on a woman for any reason I don’t care if it is her food if it hadn’t been in front of so many people who knows? It’s not against the law to insult you or talk sh-t to you but you can’t “touch” someones body …….you men need to stop acting so wimpy

  4. I believe him. But I don’t think he should have followed her. That situation could’ve gone left quick…

  5. I dont believe she blew smoke in his face. Hes blowing smoke up our a-s if he thinks were fonna believe that. Hes making sh-t up. He knew he was following her n harrassing her. Obviously. She just exhaled as she turned around. Hes a jerk and he shouldnt treat a young girl like that. She is a child and he is a grown fkn man. Thats P***y. Hes P***y.

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