Update on Drake and Rihanna

Rihanna was spotted at a club with her former boo Travis Scott, and some were suspecting she may be done with Drake.

However, sources close to both artists insist they just have an open relationship and are dating other people.

PEOPLE writes:

Drake and Rihanna have not parted ways, a source close to the couple confirms to PEOPLE on Monday.

One source says they’re still together “but it’s an open thing.” Neither Rihanna nor Drake’s reps have commented.

The couple made their relationship official in July, but were believed to be “secretly dating for months” before that, a source close to the couple told PEOPLE in May.

However, another source tells PEOPLE the duo “spent a lot of time together and were really close but never considered themselves to be ‘dating.’”


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  1. You mean to tell me people haven’t put two and two together? Think about it. Rihanna and Drake are always “dating” whenever they have new albums out. I feel like the Post clocked them for it too awhile back. They were never dating and it says a lot that they have to fake a relationship to keep their streams up. Smoke and mirrors, both of them.

  2. I love Rih but I never bought this fake a-s relationship. Drake is not even her type. I think they are friends who help each other for publicity. I remember her little brother saying how close Drake is to the family. Her real boo is Travis Scott. Besides, Drake has a harem of IG THOTS. Rih can do better than that.

      1. I don’t think she does either. He has a history of being so in love with another celebrity until they return the affection. I don’t think he will ever settle down.

  3. I’m sorry but I wish women like Rihanna and Serena would stop giving Drake the time of the day. He’s an attention whore and he uses them for publicity whenever he has new music out. All he did was waste Rihanna’s time as usual.

  4. I’m not sure why people are saying Rihanna would agree to a fake relationship with Drake. She is very successful and doesn’t need him to remain on top. If anything, Drake was using her. I’ve been giving him the side eye since Serena. The last time he hooked up with Serena he soaked up all her press and she didn’t get the grand slam win. He was gone after that. He’s an opportunist.

    1. Me either. This reads like it’s coming from Drake’s team. I think Rihanna made it clear where she stands on Instagram. Drake was the problem and she’s moving on.

  5. Drake and his camp can have several seats. Open relationship my a-s. This is damage control because Rihanna put his a-s on blast with that IG post. It’s over and I’m sure he’s the one that f-cked up. Now he’s trying to pretend they had an open relationship so he won’t get dragged.

  6. It’s funny how y’all keep defending Rihanna like she’s above agreeing to a PR relationship. They have done this before. So why are y’all just calling out Drake? She was in on it and benefited from it greatly.

  7. I seriously don’t think she is that stupid to fall for his tricks and actually think he’s serious about a relationship…..they were in on this “fake relationship” together lol..and all this extra stuff wit her shading him..his camp saying they have an open relationship is just more fakeness for buzz lol

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