After Feud, Tami Roman is Hoping Duffey Will Be Fired from BBWLA

Tami recently stopped by to chat it up with Wendy Williams and that’s when she informed the talk show host that Duffey is out for next season.

VH1 writes:

Basketball Wives LA star Tami Roman visited the Wendy Williams Show today and lived up to the title “Real Life Hot Topic.” Wendy tried to get as much dirt out of Tami as she could, and she did get her to admit that she’s pretty certain Duffey is leaving Basketball Wives, never to return. “I can honestly tell you that I don’t think she’ll be back, she is absolutely outta here,” Tami said, just before hinting that there are plenty of women who are dying to replace her. When Wendy pressed Tami (like a panini) for names, Tami was tight-lipped, so I guess this means we’ll have to wait out the suspense.

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  1. Sh-t Shaunie and Tami don’t have the power to fire any damn body. If that was the case Brandi wouldn’t still be there. So I don’t know why they keep talking sh-t about Duffey being fired. They ain’t the ones that make that decision.

  2. Tami really expects other grown woman to put up with her sh-t. And when they don’t, it’s a problem and she thinks they need to be fired. But she should have been fired a long, long time ago herself.

  3. Duffy can go, it’s not about her being scared of Tami (which I think she is) but she is corny. Cause when Tami asked her if she still wanted to beat her a$$ and she said yes she then made It seem like it was just water under the bridge and ended up bringing it back up the next day when Tami thought it was squashed

  4. Why would anyone be afraid of Tami. She has acted like an old fool for years. They know what they will or will not get.therefore she has No tricks. No need to be afraid of that. Shes not a prize fighter lol.

  5. I thought we proved last season that Shaunie is an EP in name only. If Duffy gets fired it’ll be because the real EPs decided she needed to go. And Tami’s old bullying a-s needs to have several.

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