Lil Mama Explains Why She Keeps Taking Shots at Nicki Minaj

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Mama has been in the headlines as of late for taking multiple shots at Nicki Minaj in music and on social media, but the rapper wants people to know she isn’t the one who started the feud.

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  1. Funny how she said Lil Kim and Foxy hold on to beef for years and are set in their ways but she in still in her feelings about Jay Z.

  2. This is the Lil Kim and Foxy situation all over again. Except Lil Mama’s career never really took off. Anyway, she will stay pressed and Nicki will keep paying her dust.

  3. Ok so what exactly is the reason? Clearly i’n missing something, when did Nicki address her or even say her name?

  4. I don’t recall Nicki ever dissing her or even thinking about her. I just think she’s jealous. In one of her older interviews she said she doesn’t like Nicki because Nicki doesn’t use her platform to put other female rappers on. Now she dissed her? She can’t get her story straight. I’m not a Nicki fan but damn the hate is real with this one.

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