76ers Cancel Sevyn Streeter’s Performance over ‘We Matter’ Jersey

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

R&B singer Sevyn Streeter was excited to perform the national anthem at the most recent 76ers game, but her performance was immediately cancelled after executives learned she would sing in a “We Matter” jersey.

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  1. Racists are really showing themselves right now. This is the best thing about what Colin is doing. People are taking off their hoods now and showing you who they really are.

  2. Black people are not supposed to show any pride or love ourselves. And speaking out about injustices? Can’t do that either. How sad is that though?

    1. Did you hear about the black man that stopped a man from touching a lil white girl on the back of the bus and when the cops arrived he was arrested for assault because the man lunged at him and he defended himself? He was only let go because the black Sergeant that came to the arrest heard what happened and order them to release him.

      The hoods are out en masse and they’re not even bothering to pretend otherwise

  3. This pretty much sums up how ridiculous anti BLM people are. You get riled up and tell black people we can’t feel like our lives matter. How can another human being wanting their life to matter be a bad thing? Just pathetic.

  4. I’m glad she put their racist a-ses on blast. No black person should support this sh-tty a-s team anymore. I swear these sports teams act like white people are the only ones with money and the only ones supporting these teams. They don’t want to offend white people but don’t give a sh-t about offending us. F-ck them. We need to make our own leagues so we can be done with this bullsh-t once and for all.

  5. Not surprised at all. The NBA owners have been talking all this mess about how they want the players to be able to protest but I knew that was a lie. If the players ever wake up and decide to put their money together to create their own leagues, then change will happen.

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