Sheree, Kenya and Porsha Throw Shade

Sheree Whitfield and Kenya Moore had a friendly rivalry surrounding their homes in the last season, and the reality stars even had a bet on just who would move in their dream home first.

But on the season nine premiere, the friendly rivalry turned pretty shady, and both have been taking shots in confessionals.

Now they are bringing their pettiness to Twitter.

Check out the tweets below:

Porsha Williams also threw a little shade herself after Kenya took a dig at her looks sans makeup on the season nine premiere:

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  1. I’m glad Porsha said something about the whole no makeup thing. Kenya is the last person that needs to even go there.

    1. Exactly. I guess she forgot we’ve seen the pictures of her without makeup and it ain’t pretty. LOL.

  2. Why is Sheree trying to use Porsha’s stale “tea” on Kenya from a couple of seasons ago? Kenya is not the one who needs African princes to buy her anything.

    1. Yeah that was actually just projection from Porsha. She thinks just because she’s out here escorting, everyone else is. Sheree needs to come harder and actually use facts next time. I expect better from her.

    2. You Kenya stans are a trip. Y’all are really out here trying to call Porsha an escort but we have receipts about how she makes money outside of RHOA. What does Kenya do outside of Bravo? If anyone needs a sugar daddy, I would put my money on Kenya. Did she ever pay Aunt Viv for that fake pilot that never got picked up? And when are her hair products going to actually be picked up by a store? LOL.

  3. Kenya tries so hard to read but she just doesn’t have it. Especially when we know she’s had money problems. So how can she even fix her lips to come for Sheree about finances?

  4. I think a lot of us were surprised Kenya tried to come for someone else about how they look without makeup. Glass houses, stones, etc.

  5. Lmao Kenya needs to just be quiet……Lookin like she’s 50somethung yrs old. I was hoping Porsha got her for that lil dig

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