Problems for NeNe Leakes?

According to the latest gossip, NeNe Leakes had to recently cancel a few of her standup shows, and some suspect it could be because of poor ticket sales.

Rhymes With Snitch writes:

One would think NeNe would be nicer to her paying fans since there obviously aren’t that many of them…

Last week NeNe quietly canceled three shows without notice, a sure sign of low ticket sales.


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  1. Well she could have cancelled for a number of reasons but if it’s because of ticket sales, she may want to get a better manager.

  2. Ad if low ticket sales is the only reason for cancelling a show. Nene has a history of blood clots in her legs due to excessive traveling. Could be any number of reasons.

  3. I don’t think it’s low ticket sales. Her comedy tour did great numbers prior. Say what you want about NeNe, but people will pay good money to see her. Even her haters as we saw a few days ago. LOL.

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