Keri Hilson Opens up About Breakup with Serge Ibaka


By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Krei Hilson is busy promoting her new film, “Almost Christmas,” and she opened about her failed romance with Serge Ibaka.

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  1. They have broken up many times. I’ll be surprised if it sticks this time. But so far, it has. Maybe she really did get tired of his ways.

  2. Well he was cheating on her so…..I don’t know why women keep wasting their time on athletes. 99% of them are dogs. Why go through hell trying to find the 1%?

  3. She had the right mindset at first. Dating rappers and athletes usually never works out for women who have their own money. Unlike those that don’t, women with money realize they don’t have to tolerate the disrespect just to live a lifestyle they couldn’t afford on their own. Even with music not working out right now, Keri was able to get into acting. She didn’t need Serge to be good so she moved on. I respect that.

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