Apollo Engaged + Meet His New Fiancée

Photo Credit: Bravo
Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

We told you days ago that word on the street was that Apollo Nida has a new boo and she’s been visiting him in prison quite frequently.

Now sources tell TMZ that the new couple is actually engaged.

Click next for the details.

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  1. That caption is so shady!!! BUAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! Did apollo & Phaedra get an official divorce tho?! Where are the receipts?!?

  2. You’re a successful real estate agent but you choose to get engaged to a felon who is currently serving time in prison any damn way? The f-ck?

  3. She is probably an opportunist trying to get on TV to promote her business. of course she’s going to be on that next season if she’s dealing with him, once he gets out they’re going to want to hear his story they probably want him back on The Housewives show and she’s going to be right by his side sucking up all the fame.

  4. But the real tea is Todd and Peter introducing her to the cast at Kandi’s restaurant. That was a b-tch move on both their parts. I cannot wait till karma visits Kandi’s a-s.

  5. My husband has a felony. I have a great career and do not need him, but I wanted him! He’s not in prison and has never done time in prison. He made a mistake at age 18 and that felony is still on his record. Never got in trouble again. He has a great job, and is an excellent provider and father. He has been employed with his company for more than 10 years. Why judge a man because he is a felon? PEOPLE ARE HUMAN AND MAKE MISTAKES!!! As long as he didn’t kill, rape, or commit a horrific crime…dating a felon should not be off the table. Plus, they are masculine men (hard to find these days) and great lovers. I LOVE MY FELON!!!!

    1. Sis is your husband currently in prison though? I think that’s the difference. Your husband did something to better himself and changed his life. Apollo has not and despite having small children, he broke the law again and went back to prison. Judging by what you wrote, I think your husband has enough respect for you and himself not to put you thorough that. Apollo dgaf. You can’t compare your situation to this situation at all.

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