Rihanna Denies Shading Beyonce’s Grammy Nominations

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The other day Grammy nominations were announced, and Beyonce snatched up a whopping nine nominations, including the juggernaut, Album of the Year.

Rihanna did well herself with eight nominations.

However, things went left on social media after Rihanna liked a shady post about Beyonce’s Grammy nominations.

This morning, the Bajan star decided to set the record straight and cool down the stan wars.

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  1. So she waited how many hours just to use the popular “excuse” her stans were using all day on Instagram yesterday for her messiness, which is she didn’t read the caption? This is such bull and says a lot about her. She read the caption, and she’s very engaged on social media which is a problem itself. She’s only trying to clean this up because for once everyone can finally see how bitter and insecure she is about Beyonce. She didn’t get the response she wanted outside of her delusional stans.

  2. *rolls eyes* Lies, lies and more lies. And since when did Rihanna become pro black girl unity? After calling Kae Rice Cake, after going at it with Teyana or was it after her and her friends laughed at Ciara’s singing and actually had the balls to post it on Instagram with no shame?

  3. This sounds like it was written by a very corny publicist. I see she’s trying to pretend she never backs down from her shade but this is the first time she came for an artist that has just as big of a fan base as she has. Of course she’s going to backtrack from this one. Had Beyonce been a flop no one cared about, she would have kept on trucking.

  4. Love both but this isn’t even a believable excuse. I mean she just liked some Kim K shade not too long ago. She read the caption. Don’t pretend to stand by your shade and then give this weak excuse. LOL.

  5. She read that sh-t and agreed with that sh-t! She’s only backtracking because her management told her to. Can’t be shading the owner’s wife! If she ever leaves Roc Nation, she is going to be even more messy with her Beyonce jealousy. Watch and see.

  6. You have to be an idiot or a delusional stan if you think Rihanna didn’t take the time to read a few sentences. That’s all I have to say.

  7. This whole situation shows you why Beyonce is where she is today. She would never be caught dead liking shady posts on Instagram and getting caught up in stan wars. She’s very professional and doesn’t waste her time being petty like these younger artists. She’s more concerned with her own legacy, not with what so and so is doing. That’s how you win at life. Worry about yourself and you’ll be fine. Rihanna got exposed and now everyone can see that she’s actually the pressed one.

  8. The real question is why does Rihanna even have time to like posts on Instagram? Does she not have something better she can do with her time like actually work on her craft and become a better live performer? I’m so confused about why artists these days have so much time on their hands. Beyonce is too busy for this kind of mess and that’s why I respect her so much.

  9. Rihanna is fake as f-ck. I don’t want to ever hear the Navy say sh-t about how Beyonce is so fake and concerned about PR when their own fave got so shook about that stale a-s shade that she has to pretend she didn’t read a few sentences. The same fave who spends all day on social media being petty with her stans and reading and liking their lame a-s posts daily because she’s that damn childish and insecure. F-ck outta here.

  10. LMAOOOOO not Beyonce having girls backtracking without even having to say a word!!!! Ha power!!!!!!!

  11. I see someone with power told her to clean this mess up. Yet the Navy love to call her BOSSANNA! Ha what the hell ever.

  12. This era has been everything. From the widespread critical acclaim, wasps catching feelings left and right, haters denying Lemonade’s greatness while awards and nominations just keep stacking up, and now Rihanna’s insecurity and inferiority on front display for the entire world to see…what a time to be a Hive!

  13. Weak. I would have respected if she just owned up to it and said nothing about it at all. In other words, don’t flip flop like people can’t put two and two together.

  14. I’m just not buying it. I’m sure she read the caption, it’s not like it was a novel or anything. Nonetheless, hopefully this will be a wake up call for her. Social media is dangerous, even if you do have a solid fan base. She needs to stop liking posts and make better use of her time. She’d get a lot more accomplished that way.

  15. Girl if you say so. Poor thing has a hard time not being insecure when 95% of her fan base only likes her because they don’t like Beyonce and their slow behinds think them liking Rihanna hurts Bey somehow. They don’t buy albums or concert tickets, but they spend 95% of their day on social media posting about how overrated they think Beyonce is and keeping up with what her fans are doing. Rihanna could put a stop to this if she actually wasn’t so pressed about Bey herself but we know that won’t change anytime soon.

  16. #DEAD at her using the very excuse her stans came up with once the photoshop one fell apart.

  17. Rihanna is not one bit concerned about that egotistical Beyonce who in my opinion puts herself in news. Rihanna is popular without even trying. Ms. Weave needs to sit down somewhere. So sick of her.

    1. So Rihanna isn’t worried about Beyonce, but she takes the time out her day to like shady posts about Beyonce on Instagram. Beyonce is egotistical, but Rihanna is the one who posts her stats/accomplishments on Instagram weekly while Bey is rarely on there. Beyonce is Ms. Weave, but Rihanna keeps weave in her head as well. Beyonce is the one who needs to sit down somewhere, but we have yet to see her make fun of her own fans, shade other black women constantly and put herself in the news by petty beefs. She’s literally done nothing to anyone, just does her job and does a great job at it but she’s the one you have a problem with. You’re only sick of Beyonce because she makes you feel inferior. You don’t know how to work hard and succeed and have class like her so you relate better to trash like Rihanna who is lazy, yet self entitled, and childish. Says a lot about you. Hilarious!

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