Back Down Memory Lane: Sheree Whitfield’s Son Getting Arrested Makes Her a Hypocrite?

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderon-Niles

Sheree Whitfield has been keeping busy with her ongoing feud with Kenya Moore, but Kenya isn’t the only subject she’s addressing in interviews.

Sheree also recently opened up about her son’s arrest and the whole situation is making some fans reminisce on how Sheree reacted when NeNe Leakes’ son was arrested.

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  1. Crazy, I was just talking about this. Yes, Sheree is a hypocrite but sometimes it takes being in someone else’s shoes to finally understand where they were coming from.

  2. Very hypocritical of her because at the time she had a lot to say about Nene’s parenting skills. What’s worse is that word on the street is that Sheree was once arrested herself for shoplifting. Look at those chickens coming home to roost tho!

  3. Yeah, she’s looking real hypocritical right now. But I don’t think parents should be blamed when their grown kids decide to be knuckleheads. And NeNe’s son was stealing from Walmat because he wanted to. He definitely didn’t have to.

  4. Sheree is definitely a hypocrite. I just hope she didn’t think anyone would forget all that crap she talked during the reunion that year about NeNe’s parenting.

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