The Keke Palmer and Mehgan James Feud Gets Really Ugly

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest celebrity social media drama, then you already know Keke Palmer and Mehgan James have been going back and forth for hours.

However, things just got even messier.

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    1. You think she’s on something? I’ve been trying to figure out if she’s just extra as hell or addicted to something. I really hope she’s not on drugs.

  1. You know, Keke can’t pull the I’m better than you card when she came for Mehgan first. Why was she watching BGC anyway? Mehgan may be a bird but she made a good point because Keke really does come off like she has way too much time on her hands to be “A list”.

  2. I think Mehgan and Keke did way too much. Both are pretending to be so unbothered by the other but look how far both of them went to shade the other. Talking about each other’s looks, s-x partners, etc. They look silly.

  3. I’ve been worried about Keke for a good minute now. Something is up with her and I pray she finds her way. She’s been acting out but in the social media age, people think her bizarre behavior is cute and funny.

  4. Meh, Keke started it though. She can’t get mad that Mehgan felt some kind of way and responded. She’s famous. Did she really think she could tweet she didn’t like someone and it wouldn’t become a problem and lead to this?

  5. Keke really should not have this much time on her hands. Doesn’t she have a movie or something to do? LOL.

  6. I don’t expect much from Mehgan but I need for Keke to do better. Now she may be a legit actress and doing well for herself, but when she stoops to the level of the Mehgans of the world and actually goes back and forth on the web with reality stars she believes she is better than, you have to question her thinking. The best thing she could have done was ignore Mehgan and let her continue to tweet herself.

  7. If Keke kept her a-s off Twitter she wouldn’t be in this mess. She stays on there all day tweeting dumb sh-t and looking for attention. Well she found the right on this time.

  8. Keke should’ve kept her lil opinion to herself…..she just be doing the most….I know she’s young and that’s what the younger generation is known for ‘doin the most” but seriously….smh

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