Gucci Mane Calls out Angela Yee

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Angela Yee is having drama on the job, yet again.

The Breakfast Club host was accused by Gucci Mane of trying to sleep with him in the past.

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    1. True but it’s messed up Charlamagne is the one who even took it there. Angela just sits there and takes it too. She needs to start dragging him.

  1. Gucci is in his right mind now so I believe him. But it’s also possible he may have thought Angela was trying to hook up and she wasn’t. Sometimes men swear women want to sleep with them and we just want to hang out.

    1. Well Wendy Williams was his mentor and he’s just the male version of her. I couldn’t do it either but money talks I guess.

    2. Man I would drag CTG every chance I got if I had to work with him he is sooo annoying some days like “Shut up”

  2. I don’t know whether its true or not….But Gucci believes it. Anyway, the caliber of friends Ang has (who she mentions all the time) it wouldn’t be hard to believe tho LOL

  3. Honestly I don’t even care if it happened or not, but all that damn cackling between the men in the room…they sound like a bunch of petty, gossiping a-s women.

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