Gucci Mane Calls out Angela Yee

Not too long ago K. Michelle put Angela Yee on blast during her interview and she accused the radio personality of instigating and not looking out for other women.

Now Gucci Mane is calling out Yee and he claims she tried to pursue him after an interview years ago.

XXL writes:

Gucci Mane is making the press rounds for his new album The Return of East Atlanta Santa, out today, and stopped by Power 105’s The Breakfast Club Friday morning. At one point during the chat, Angela Yee was talking about Gucci’s last visit, saying, “I just want to say for the record, I wasn’t scared when Gucci was here. You’ve always been nice and polite and kind to me.”

From there, Gucci and Yee argue about a past encounter, Wizop saying the radio host wouldn’t be scared of what he’d do but rather what he’d say because they had a history. That prompted Charlamgne and DJ Envy to ask if Gucci had slept with Yee. “She done tried,” he said. “She was on my d*ck back then.” Yee laughs the claim off, saying she swears no such attempt was ever made, but Gucci seems to remember differently, referencing an interview the two did years back.

“You used to be texting me ‘What hotel you was at?’ and stuff like that,” he says. Perhaps the best part of the whole clip is the giddy reaction from Charlamagne and Envy, who can’t contain themselves as Gucci and Yee debate the particulars of what went down. “You must got me confused with someone else,” she says, though. “That definitely was not me. I wouldn’t do that.”


Check out the interview below:

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    1. True but it’s messed up Charlamagne is the one who even took it there. Angela just sits there and takes it too. She needs to start dragging him.

  1. Gucci is in his right mind now so I believe him. But it’s also possible he may have thought Angela was trying to hook up and she wasn’t. Sometimes men swear women want to sleep with them and we just want to hang out.

    1. Well Wendy Williams was his mentor and he’s just the male version of her. I couldn’t do it either but money talks I guess.

    2. Man I would drag CTG every chance I got if I had to work with him he is sooo annoying some days like “Shut up”

  2. I don’t know whether its true or not….But Gucci believes it. Anyway, the caliber of friends Ang has (who she mentions all the time) it wouldn’t be hard to believe tho LOL

  3. Honestly I don’t even care if it happened or not, but all that damn cackling between the men in the room…they sound like a bunch of petty, gossiping a-s women.

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