Luenell Still Feeling Some Kind of Way About NeNe Leakes

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Looks like comedian Luenell is still feeling some kind of way about NeNe Leakes months after they exchanged some words.

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  1. B-tch, how is it suddenly “your house” and “your money”? Because Nene didn’t put you on the payroll like Wendy and Claudia did for their unfunny standup routines? Maybe you should be asking real comedy actors how they feel when your fat a-s rolls in and gets the parts they actually went to college for.

  2. Luenell sounds so bitter. And it’s interesting to hear her call NeNe a mean bully when she’s enesentailly being a mean girl and bully to NeNe. So she gets to decide who can do comedy now and how they can do it? So Wendy and Claudia (her friends) can do it but because she doesn’t like NeNe, it’s some huge injustice to comedians everywhere. LOL. I see right through her. She’s just as tired as she claims NeNe’s jokes were.

  3. Wasn’t Luenell on a reality show recently? I don’t recall seeing NeNe getting worked up and calling her out about it. Luenell just needs to be real and admit she’s only bothered because she doesn’t like NeNe. She’s too old to be so petty. She needs to learn how to mind her business and her own coins.

  4. I don’t like Nene but this is dumb to me. Her reasons for why Wendy doing essentially the same thing didn’t upset her just shows that she just doesn’t like Nene and that’s the real reason she popped off. And to be real, I didn’t even know what her name was until she started beefing with Nene. When I think of legit black female comedians, she’s not even on the list. I know her face and I’ve seen her in a couple of movies and she’s not all that herself. So maybe she should work on the craft too.

  5. So she’s mad that reality stars are getting in her lane? Why isn’t she this passionate when it comes to the Kardashians? They have made an entire empire out of getting in lanes that they don’t really belong in. I guess that’s fine because they are white women and Luenell only feels comfortable calling out other black women with her platform. Crabs in a barrel I swear.

  6. She said she doesn’t care what Nene does but went on for like ten minutes about why she’s upset about what Nene does. What?

  7. Did it ever occur to Luenell that legit black actors may feel the same way about her because she’s not a good actress? She plays someone’s old drunk auntie in every movie she’s ever been in even when that’s not the role…

  8. I don’t think it’s ever ok to tell another person how to legally get their coins but whatever. Like who are you? Nene doesn’t have to please you. Besides, Hollywood has always been that way. People will try multiple lanes if the opportunity presents itself. I mean you have music artists doing movies when they aren’t doing music. You have actors doing music when they aren’t making movies/tv shows. You have models trying to sing and act, etc. That’s how it goes. When you’re hot, you try to make your money in multiple ways. No need to hate.

  9. NeNe and Wendy literally had the same set up. They got on a stage, drank and talked to the audience about their lives. Wendy only didn’t do it in clubs because she wanted a bigger audience and more money, not because she has some deep respect and fondness for comedians. Luenell sounds like a jealous fool.

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