Yandy Smith Shades Chrissy and Jim?

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Looks like Yandy Smith may have thrown some shade at Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones recently.

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    1. That’s what I don’t understand. She shades Samantha and Erika for just being baby mommas, but she’s just a baby momma herself. I think Yandy projects a lot and despite all her Instagram shenanigans, I think she’s very insecure about her relationship. Not only did Mendeecees cheat on her but she’s had to put up with him being in and out of prison and even accused of child molestation just to say she has him. She wants to seem so successful and well put together but things ain’t adding up.

  1. She puts a lot of value on marriage but ain’t even married herself. I guess labeling herself as Mendeecees’ wife somehow makes her feel better about the fact that he’s in prison for drug charges and has other kids with two other women and at one point was sleeping with two of them at the same time.

  2. The only difference between Chrissy and Yandy is at least Chrissy isn’t delusional about her situation. Yandy really thinks she’s some boss chick and Mendeecees is some prize with three baby mamas and an eight year prison sentence. Girl stop it.

  3. As much as Erica Mena annoys me, I can’t help but see she was 100% on point about everything she said about Yandy after she left LHHNY. Yandy is very arrogant and she’s allowed her little stans to blow her head up something serious. She’s really smelling herself and I guess it’s easy to do that when you have Mona in your pocket.

  4. She better sit her a-s down before Jim puts her silly a-s all the way on blast. Next thing you know he post receipts about how Yandy f-cked her way into the music business on Instagram. He literally gives not a single f-ck these days. And editing and Mona won’t be able to save her.

  5. We wouldn’t even know who Yandy is if it wasn’t for Chrissy and Jim. Love & Hip Hop was created for them. Yandy only got on the show because she was managing Jim at the time. So it’s funny to her throwing shade at them when they pretty much put her on and to a smaller extent, Mona as well. But I see they forgot that.

    1. And stop Making it seem like Chrissy DID ANYTHING, if you want to go that route then u must say Jim shouldn’t be glad and praising Camron considering he started dipset lol. Camron put all of them on and Mona was the one who was smart enough to capitalize. Jim had been around since 2002 and love and hip hop and Ballin are the only two things u remember him from

      1. Mona said out her own mouth that Love and Hip Hop was created for Jim AND Chrissy. I didn’t just make this up. She even reiterated this on the Wendy Show a couple days ago. Like she literally credits them for how she got her start in reality television. I don’t even know how someone can debate that lol. Soooo not going to argue about it. Like I said, Yandy wouldn’t even have the platform she has today if it wasn’t for those two. It is what it is.

  6. But at least Yandy and Mendences had a ceremony and at least He’s willing to commit, can you say the same thing about Jim and Chrissy. They’ve been together for a decade and still haven’t walked down the aisle. Lol

    1. Hi Yandy I didn’t know u checked out UB. How’s them lonely nights going while your husband *cough* I mean baby Daddy sitting in prison. At least we know Chrissy ain’t lonely nor bothered cuz u are the only one out of all of them worried about people u claim to not worry about. Now go sit in the corner lil bih n wait for your criminal to come home.

    2. Are you really going to sit here and pretend Yandy is somehow in a better situation than Chrissy because she had that fake TV wedding? Jim may be dragging out getting married but at least he’s not currently locked up in prison for drug charges. At least Jim wasn’t accused of molesting a young girl. And at least Jim doesn’t have Chrissy out here fighting his multiple baby mamas (because he doesn’t have more than one). And let’s not forget it took Mendeecees ten years to put a ring on Yandy and they still aren’t legally married. So yeah…I think Yandy should be quiet.

  7. I don’t understand how a wedding counts if the marriage is not even legal…but ok. Neither of these couples are married. So neither can shade the other when it comes to that topic. Yandy is a hypocrite.

  8. It’s the same stale shade she’s been throwing. Shading them for still not being married but we just found out she’s not married a week ago which makes her outlandish TV wedding special an absolute sham and embarrassment. Calling yourself a boss on the gram but you can’t even get married right. I guess.

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