Kandi Burruss Not Backing Down

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kandi Burruss made headlines recently because she threw her former bestie Phaedra Parks under the bus on the upcoming episode of RHOA.

However, Kandi doesn’t understand the backlash.

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  1. But Phaedra hasn’t spilled Kandi’s tea yet even though they aren’t close anymore. There’s a difference between shade and telling secrets. I’m not sure why Kandi is playing dumb.

  2. She’s going to keep on and get her feelings hurt. Phaedra could go all the way in on her and her momma but she hasn’t because she’s not bothered. But you poke at someone enough, eventually they are going to snap. What Kandi said wasn’t shade. It was much worse.

  3. Kandi needs to cut it out. She still can’t explain why she was hiding Apollo’s stuff at her house and didn’t feel the need to tell Phaedra.

  4. The funny thing is Kandi called Nene fake because Nene talked ish about people she was no longer cool with but Kandi doing the exact same thing so what that make her smh. Karma coming so hard for Kandi just wait on it.

  5. Someone said Kandi still hasn’t explained to Phadera why she had Apollo’s things in her garage. She does not have to explain ANYTHING to Phaedra. Kandi is grown and that’s her house. There are a lot of secrets to be exposed on Phakedre too. Whenever Kandi show receipts, things get quiet just like with Porsha and that thr–some scandal. Kandi produced receipts and things got real quiet fast.ijs

    1. Someone? Girl, I’m really just a few comments up from yours. All you had to do was hit reply if you were feeling some kind of way. But I really wouldn’t want someone who calls themselves my best friend stashing the belongings of my estranged husband, who was just locked up for fraud. And to top it off, Kandi didn’t even let Phaedra know. That ain’t a real friend. But hey, do you. Calling Phaedra fake, but giving Kandi a pass on her fakeness and even making excuses for it…I’m not at all surprised.

      1. Right. So Kandi doesn’t need to explain anything because it’s her house and she’s a grown woman who can do what she wants, but Kandi demanded Phaedra explained why she got cool with NeNe. LOL. Typical Team Twirl. They can’t ever make any good points without proving to be hypocrites, just like their fave Kenya.

    2. You sound like the typical Team Twirl gnat. Don’t like Porsha…check. Don’t like “Fakedra/Fraudra”…check. But let’s talk about receipts though. Where are Kandi’s receipts about Mr. Chocolate? I could have sworn Kandi came out her own mouth and denied Mr. Chocolate was even a thing when her and Phaedra were still cool. Now he’s real? What’s changed? Oh, I know what it is. What changed is Phaedra is cool with Nene. So now Kandi wants payback because her little feelings were hurt and she never thought her former bff would actually befriend the one person she hates. Gasp! Kandi can spill all the tea she needs to on Phaedra. But let’s not pretend there isn’t a lot of hot, piping tea out here on Kandi too. She may want to keep it cute before her card gets pulled. Kandi is no saint either. LOL.

  6. i hate candy so a hypo Apollo treated Phadrea really bad i am glad phaedra took the high road…… and did not respond to Kandi or her Mommy

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