Kordell Stewart Hit with More Accusations (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kordell Stewart is back in the headlines and he’s once again being accused of being with a man.

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  1. Yeah I’m thinking this person is telling the truth. The video had no sound but the fact that he was showing off his booty makes me think he made this video for another man. I mean he was tooting it up and everything.

  2. That is definetly Kordell in the video. The gay rumors have been around for a long time so he should have known better than sending anyone video of himself.

  3. I mean he has a nice a-s but let’s call it what it is. The person who sent this email is probably not lying because straight men ain’t tooting up their a-ses like this.

  4. That is Kordell. He can’t even deny that it’s him. And with all the focus he put on showing off his butt, I think it’s obvious he was recording himself for another man. It’s possibly that he isn’t gay but bi. I would hope Porsha wasn’t still sleeping with him for money after he left her though.

  5. Saw the vid and was kinda grossed out…….definitely him…and he definitely made the vid for a man…no str8 man is turning around showing a woman his behind…like we can’t do nothing with that…SMH…..anyway I’m just waiting for someone to confirm that birthmark on the right side cheek of his butt LOL

  6. So he admits it’s him in the video but he lies and said it was for a woman. This man needs to really just make peace with the fact that he likes men. And blaming Porsha? Come on now. He’s such a coward and closet case.

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